I earned my highest honor by lowering my head.

This is going to be a short post.  I don’t have much to say tonight and I’m not feeling particularly inspired.  That being said, here it is…

I am an enigma, a woman of paradox.  Although I have pride enough for all the drunk men in a sports bar comparing athletic feats, I feel most comfortable when I am serving others.  I would much rather be the one pulling the curtain for curtain call rather than be the one bowing down before the audience.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  Tomorrow I’m making my mother lunch.  Tomorrow I will be preparing grilled chicken (with my step-dad’s help of course), mashed sweet potatoes, garlic roasted green beans, rolls, a fruit salad with a Greek yogurt dressing, and white cake with Cool Whip frosting.  And I actually enjoy scurrying around the steamy kitchen!  I can’t explain why I enjoy serving others, but I do.

Perhaps I find my pride in saying that I have done something for someone.  Maybe I feel like I’ve fulfilled my moral responsibility and lived up to Matthew 23:11-12.  I don’t really know.  I would love to be a spokesperson but there’s something about shining the spotlight on someone else.

Can’t I do both?


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