I should hate to be predictable.

Have you ever seen the show Downton Abbey?  It’s an excellent show about an aristocratic family living in the early 1900’s and enduring the trials of the times.  I would highly recommend it.  I brought it up because I wish to write about one of the main characters.  Her name is Mary, the eldest of the three Crawley daughters and she hold the most aristocratic ideals of them all as well.  She is quite stubborn and prideful, everyone says that very beautiful, and she has an unfortunate habit of walking around with her nose in the air.  Sound like someone else you know?

Mary Crawley is very much like me and I love being able to see a similar personality type from a neutral observer’s standpoint.  I am amused by her sarcastic and biting sense of humor and the way she is able to think on her feet.  Those who don’t know her that well whisper about her standoffish airs and how she comes across as high-and-mighty.  Among those that she is close to, she inspires incredible loyalty.  Although Mary is rumored to not let anyone close enough to become a decent friend, she is actually close with several of the other characters in the series and — despite the fact that she appears like she would prefer to be alone — she enjoys their company.  And finally, even though she wears a stony facade like a mask, she marries a man(not much of a spoiler) who reveals the soft side of her that she had hidden so long she wasn’t quite sure she could find it again.

Such a strong woman.  Society doesn’t always approve of her aloof personality but she is always noticed whenever she walks into a room and one sentence from her mouth can usually be the best line in the whole episode.  In fact, the title of this post is one of her lines from her wedding day.  I admire her.  Which is a good thing, I think, since we are so similar.

I’ve always had an admiration for strong women.  I love women who speak their mind and want to find their place in this world and hold their head up high.  I love beautiful women too (in a totally non-creepy way).  I think any woman can be pretty if she puts some effort into the way that she looks.  And anyone who puts effort into their appearance is automatically an A in my book.  The lethal combination is a powerful, stunning woman who won’t let anyone get in her way because she knows what she wants.  A woman who can speak her mind through crimson lipstick is one of the most fiercesome creatures on the earth.  In fact, one of my goals in life is to become one of these women (even though I didn’t put this on my goals post a few nights ago).

I want to be one of those women that you see walking down the street and you notice my clothes and my hair and my makeup and instantly think “Oh! She put effort into how she looks.  She cares about how the world sees her and she wants to put her best foot forward.”  But then when you talk to me on the street I want the sirens to go off in your head and you think “Oh my gosh!  This pretty face has a mouth and the words that come out of it are laced with knowledge.  She knows what she’s talking about and she had goals in this life that she is determined to accomplish.”  I want to be a double threat — maybe call it a triple once you realize how good my cooking skills are!  If anything, I will never want to be know as a weak woman who lets people walk all over her and who floats on the river of fancy letting the current of life pass her by.  I know yesterday I said that I enjoy being a servant — and I do! — but there’s a difference between lowering your head in respect and bending your neck in shame.

And besides, I should hate to be predictable.


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