I’d rather walk with a friend in the darkness, than alone in the light.

Just to let you know, I don’t really have anything planned for tonight’s post.  It’s just going to be short and simple, maybe a story, maybe a few sentences and then a final period — who knows?

It was one of my typical summer days.  My phone has been eerily silent lately, excepting for today.  I received a Snap-chat from one of my good friends from college.  She will be a senior and graduating next year (I’m going to miss her so much!) but she has befriended me and I love her for it.  We have so many similarities in our taste and personality and just life in general.  One of my favorite times was when I introduced her to sushi and we had tea at this little Japanese place downtown.  I loved talking to her and I learned a lot about her; it was an amazing bonding moment and it was the first time I realized that I would classify her as one of my best friends.  I’m generally not a touchy-feely person, but I will always give her a hug because it makes me smile.  I’m also not a very vocal person when I first meet someone — and I actually don’t think I’ve ever told her this — but I appreciate her so much.  She always has been there for me when I’m going through a rough time (and believe me, this semester has been absolutely crazy) and I always am comforted by the way that she makes me feel that she actually cares and is interested in what I have to say.

She won’t probably ever read this blog, but someday I might send her the link so she can stumble across these words and realize that she has made a huge impact in my life over a few months.  I really wish that I could be as caring to others as was to me.  If I could change for the better in any way, I hope I could resemble her.  And Hannah, if you do read this, thank you so much for everything.  Tea is on me next time 🙂

That Snap-chat made my day.  In addition to this, my other best friend surprised me with the fact that she’s coming down to see me this weekend!  You know those types of best friends when you don’t get to see each other very often and you attend different colleges and life is taking you in different directions but every time you get together, you pick up talking and teasing like you’ve lived next to each other your whole life?  The kind of friend who could be studying abroad halfway across the world but still promises to stay in touch and she still raids your closet before she goes?  The  true friend who calls you during finals week because you broke up with your boyfriend and she wants to make sure you’re keeping your sanity and she wants to make sure that you received the box of coffee and chocolate that she sent you?  Know the type?  Because she’s that type of friend.  And she’s coming to see me!

I was feeling really dejected today.  Dejected is the wrong wrong.  Perhaps morose is more like it.  I was alone, like I have been every day this summer, and I was folding laundry and washing dishes and petting my puppy and reading a book — all incredibly satisfying things when you don’t do them every day!  I woke up in a large empty house, ate breakfast by myself, did two loads of laundry, ate lunch by myself, read a book, washed some dishes and unloaded the dishwasher, went outside to enjoy the sun by myself…the only people I had to talk to were my puppy (who doesn’t respond) and God (who is really hard to hear).  As soon as I started getting discouraged, you can guess what happened…my phone vibrated for my Snap-chat notification.  Since this turned into a “thank you” post and everything I’m grateful for, I guess I’d like a give Him some credit and remind Him how truly thankful I really am.

Finally, remember what I said a few posts back about being an INTJ and not making friends easily and questioning whether or not I wanted to make any more?  I take it back.  Not about making friends, because I still struggle with that.  But about wanting them.  I do want them.  I want to be with people that I can be comfortable with and drink tea with and talk about random stuff.  I didn’t realize it until now, but I love my friends and I want to make more.

It wasn’t that simple and it wasn’t at all short, but this is the end of this post.  My only conclusion comes from the mouth of Jon Katz: “Friends are the glue that keeps life and faith together.”  Ain’t that the truth.


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