Literary List #1 – Novelistic Tidbits

Lists.  They are easy.  Simply by putting words in numerical order, you can create reason and order.  My life is so often chaotic that sometimes I just need to stop thinking and write down the first random thing that comes to my mind.  In this tangled mess, I just need something in a straight line that makes sense to me.  For future reference, I will always make lists when my emotional status is compromised or my brain is overloaded and sluggish.  Perhaps both.

List #1 – Tidbits that I Want to Include in my Novel

1) Lover of coffee, perhaps even an addict
2) A thread of red-colored things (maybe a repeated hue like crimson or strawberry)
3) Hovering on the edge of tears and the cliff of depression but never quite making the full commitment to either — think of it as riding a rollercoaster and you’re dangling just on the peak of the first hill and you can feel the emotion surging as you anticipate what comes next but you’re never satisfied
4) Classic black Louboutins
5) Theme of reflections (mirrors, windows, in the eyes of another)
6) Smells. Especially men’s cologne. I have a weakness for expensive men’s cologne.
7) May 14th
8) The number 21
9) A teddy bear. Just a little too well-loved, caramel-colored teddy bear.
10) Under-eye circles. Noticeable in the right light but only when the owner’s face is tilted in the most perfect way because they try so hard to disguise the evidence of the ghosts that haunt their dreams

*Just a final note: can you imagine one character possessing or interacting with all of the above? What a train wreck that would be…an intriguing train wreck 🙂 I might have to do some brainstorming…

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