That’s what it means to be green.

Be it the flashes that sparkle in the heart of a 4 carat emerald or the grass cuttings that fly in the summer breeze or the flesh of the kiwi that surrenders to the slice of the knife, I love the color green. I find it interesting that it’s the least worn color out of the rainbow considering that we humans can see more shades of green than any other color — that’s why it’s used for night vision goggles.  I don’t like the color green just because its technology purposes though.  It’s just the feeling that I get when I see the color against my yellow-toned skin.

A forest green dress drips with layered emotion; there is something mysterious about a confident woman in a green dress.  Black is classic. White evokes goddess-like silhouettes, while grey is a subtle twist on both.  Red screams siren.   Purple denotes regal stature and extravagance.  Blue is soft and gentle or bold and bright.  Orange and yellow inspire cheerfulness and are filled with energy.  But green?  Green is tantalizingly unknown.   What does green mean exactly?

According to some color websites (links at the bottom), green can symbolize everything from wealth, greed, jealousy, and cowardice to renewal, peace, stability, and prosperity.  Personally, I think this is a dynamic combination of traits.

Since I’m participating in a novel-writing month in four days (!), let’s create a character inspired by the color green:
1) It would be a woman. Such a powerful mix of characteristics would almost certainly belong to a compelling, confident woman with a strong personality.
2) She would be obviously rich. Based on the prosperity and ambitious aspects, I would make her a businesswoman. Or maybe a lawyer. Probably a lawyer. If I pull in the cowardice trait, I would make her a lawyer who fights dirty and manipulates the witnesses and has the ear of the judge or a few influential persons on the jury.
3) With a career like that, she could be searching for peace. Calm, cool, and collected on the outside, but a turbulent storm of emotions tearing at her insides.
4) Her vicious jealous side (every woman has one) could be revealed by her associate, another woman who is not as successful in her career but who appears to have a inner peace. Her associate could have a husband who adores her and two children, the problems of a typical American family, and an affinity for baking for the church potlucks.
5) Finally, she could be renewed by becoming closer with her associate and learning that her peace comes from the love of God and the church community. Her life would fall to rock bottom when her questionable actions in the court room are discovered but she could learn to rebuild her foundation on the stability of God.

Ta da! A dynamic character based on the wild beauty of my favorite color. I feel kinda inspired now — maybe most of my characters will come from color meanings now…I should look into that.

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