Novel-Writing Status Update #2

It’s my birthday!  I’m 19.  However, I still feel 17.  I’m not really sure where the 18th year went or why I feel that it never happened…I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

In my opinion, 19 is the most underrated birthday ever.  You just turned 18 and became an adult, acquired voting status and the ability to buy cigarettes.  You’re not 21 yet so you’re not part of the drinking crowd and you’re not 20 so you can’t flaunt the “coolness” of having a 2 as the first number of your age.  19 seems pretty pointless.

Other notes: I just finished Chapter 3.  I’m pretty impressed with my chapter titles too:

1) Let my Soul Smile through my Heart and my Heart Smile through my Eyes
2) They Live in a Grey Twilight that Knows not Victory nor Defeat
3) Colors are the Friends of their Neighbors and the Lovers of their Opposites
4) The Overcast Skies held the Color of Deadened Stones

See a theme??
Current word count: 3,160


2 thoughts on “Novel-Writing Status Update #2

  1. Happy Birthday! Over here the drinking age (and the age for almost everything) is 18, so 17 definitely feels rather underrated though that could just be because I’m bias to it. Anyway, good luck with your writing!

  2. Thanks! and I’ll need some luck with this story. I might have bitten off more than I can chew with this piece of writing. I recently read your post about how a character can run away with your plot…mine definitely is and unfortunately she is ambitious and spirited. I don’t think I’ll ever get it back but I’m not confident in where she might take me. I guess that’s half the fun of writing though!

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