Novel-Writing Status Update #3

I went to bible study tonight and missed out on three hours that were usually used for the writing process. As such, I only wrote 1000 words tonight. I’m slightly disappointed in myself but I feel like I will always be disappointed with each day’s word.

Remember when I said that I would think about having characters with personality traits based on their color? Well, I did think about it and I am inserting them in my story:

red- Jasper Rowan
orange – Ginger Boyd
yellow – Blaine Alani
green – Hunter Kelly
blue – Iris Linnea
purple – Edmond Carise
white – Pearl Whitney
black – Kieran Doyle

I’ll give a brief description of each in posts to come. For now though, what do you think? I was creative in my naming and all names have to do with a description of the color or in a popular characteristic. Google it, if you don’t believe me.

Current Word Count: 4,579


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