Novel-Writing Status Update #6

I was reading a post by a friend on the Bethel blog and she was mentioning how she was terrible at dialogue and couldn’t quite figure it out. I was intrigued by her comments; dialogue had never been a problem area for me. My professor had also commented that he too struggled with dialogue in his first-person POV story. You might have picked up on this, but I’m writing my novel from first-person POV too — and I’ve never had a problem with dialogue in my life.

If you do struggle with writing believable dialogue, or just speech that remotely sound like something your character would say, try this: picture the scene in your head playing like a movie. Play it all the way through and then rewind it. Add audio this time. Rewind again. As you play the scene a third time, write down everything that people are saying. Rewind yet again. When you watch it the fourth time around, pay particular attention to the fluffy details. How did they say it? What expression did they wear? Did they gesture to something? Add those details in. Ta da! Now you have a decent scene with dialogue. That’s how I do it every time. And when you get good at it, you don’t have to reply it so many times; it just comes naturally after playing it once.

Current Word Count: 10,125 (yeah! I hit the 10,000 word mark! That’s 20 pages!)
Tomorrow’s goal: 11,669


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