Novel-Writing Status Update #7

I found myself today pacing my room, screaming at the ceiling about the unrealistic nature about a character and how a character cannot possibly be written accurately if one gives them certain mannerisms and saying stuff like: “no one freaking talks like that! Who talks like that!?” It’s only day 7 and I realize now why writers can be such emotional creatures. Imaginary people definitely wreak havoc on your sanity.

Another example of this would be me about 30 minutes ago. With so many flashbacks in my story, I have several minor characters who just stop in for a little while to say hi. My favorite minor character so far is a high school senior named Rig who rides a bright orange classic 1977 XLCR Café Racer Harley that she has nicknamed “Tiger”. Such a boss, right? Well I killed her off within 3 pages (George R.R. Martin would be proud). I hadn’t realized how attached I had become to her until it came to the time to write the details of her death in the perspective of her best friend. It was interesting. Previously, I had been under the impression that when an author plays at God with minor characters that I’ll never see again, it would be easy to cast them away. How much can you have in common with someone after 2000 words? Apparently, a lot. I even though about changing part of the storyline just to keep her, but in the end, I realized that sacrifices must be made for the good of all. So I killed Rig and I’m still sad about it. And since I know you’re wondering, no, I’m not at all emotionally compromised this late at night (technically this early in the morning) because of a person I made up. Not at all…

Today’s word count goal was 11,669. I’m pleased to announce that my current count stands at: 12,480! Of course, killing someone off is a great way to add some words. It takes a lot of words to wrap the loose ends of a character. Tomorrow’s goal is 13,336. I’m already only 1000 away! I’m hoping to crank out another 2000 though so I’ll be ahead of schedule for next week.



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