Novel-Writing Status Update #14

This is the first time where I have written about a character who has taken some aspect of their color to a literal level. For the color green, I have given my second character an interest in environmental science. I debated about adding whole ‘go green’ piece of it in my story and decided that it was a valuable addition to the color idea. So it’s in there now.

Current Word Count: 27,068
Tomorrow’s Goal: 28,339

Another point that’s starting to worry me is that this story will be over 50,000 words. I’m halfway through my chosen colors right now but I’m more than halfway through my word count. I’m not about to start skimping on details and I will keep my chapters to their true length…which means that I will have to keep up with the 1,666 required word count for a few days after June 30th. Or I’ll have to seriously start cranking out some high counts for the second half of the month. I guess it all depends on how the next few days go.

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