With the economy, it’s all about common cents.

I would make a great economist.

No, really. My principle is as follows: only invest in something that will result in a profit.

It’s quite simple. You could even call it my life motto. In financial situations, I usually keep it pretty safe and only put my money into endeavors that will guarantee (at least 90% of the time) a return on my investment. In my hobbies, I continually put time into those actions and practice the basics over and over in order to get a better result. In my relationships, I will put forth my energy and effort into strengthening the friendship or romance and I hope to see such effort mirrored in the way those special people treat me. I give a lot to gain a lot.

When I don’t receive the return that I expect, I will usually begin to analyze the situation. Is there something wrong on my end? If so, what can I do to fix it? And if the problem lies with something that is out of my control, is it a one time deal? Or do I foresee this situation becoming a continuing issue?

In the recent past, I have noticed some areas where my returns aren’t nearly equal to the investment that I put it — mostly in my relationships, both friendly and otherwise. Those who know me well, know that I am extremely loyal, determined, and stubborn. And I never. Give. Up. It’s simply not in my nature. If I call you a friend once, there’s a good chance that you will always be my friend. Unless, of course, you stop putting forth energy into maintaining the relationship and I find that I am the one shouldering most of the burden. That’s a waste and I will stop that poor investment.

It is important to mention that I am not impulsive. I do not trip over my emotions when making decisions, even if I am quick at making those decisions. I will always give that circumstance a second chance before withdrawing any investment. Sometimes, even a third or a fourth chance. Do not assume, for one second, that I am easily taken advantage of. I have enough respect for myself to know that if you don’t want to be in my life, there’s nothing I can do to make you stay. Nor do I want you to. Stand up and give some effort or sit down and allow someone else to take your place. I don’t need negative energy in my life to drain me.

So, dear friend of mine, when you stop talking to me for months at a time and text me once to complain that I never talk to you, when you ask for my advice and then scorn it so that you can do the opposite, when you insult me to my face about my life choices and then demand that I accept yours, when I support one decision wholeheartedly and you claim that I am not on your side, when you cry on my shoulder about your past and then scream at me for judging you when I try to comfort you, when you are immature enough to post a rant on Facebook when I tell you how I really feel, when you would prefer me to sugarcoat everything so that you wear blinders to the truth, don’t expect me to continue to invest in your train wreck of a life. It’s exhausting to give energy and pour time into something that continually demands more than you can give. And honey, if you think that you can tell me that I was rude and stupid for closing a door in my life in order to open another, think again.

That’s what a true friend is. I was a true friend until it become one-sided. You don’t deserve any more of me because you didn’t give me any of yourself. You don’t get to spend any more time with me because you wouldn’t make the effort to move your schedule around unimportant things. You won’t receive any more effort from me because you never returned the favor. You were a poor investment.

And I would be an excellent economist.


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