Novel-Writing Status Update #15

I haven’t updated about the novel in awhile. The last time I was starting green, is that correct? And now I come to you with the news that I have just finished blue and I’m on page 73. With only 6 days left, my schedule is going to look like this:
6/25 – finish part 1 of purple and 1/2 part 2 of purple
6/26 – finish purple and part 1 of black
6/27 – finish black and part 1 of white
6/28 – finish white and part 1 of grey
6/29 – finish grey and begin ending
6/30 – finish ending and post on the blog and Facebook about my great accomplishment, followed by a few minutes of sobbing since my fingers hurt from so much typing

I don’t think I’ll have a hard time sticking to the schedule. This way, I won’t have to worry about word counts and I will be satisfied by completing sections of the book instead.

Word Count: 37,441
Tomorrow’s Goal: 40,008

One more weird fact before I end this post: my brain food for this week is tortilla chips and sweet onion salsa. I have eaten 2 family-size bags of chips and finished 1 1/2 jars of salsa. I’m sure that’s healthy…right??

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