Novel-Writing Status Update #16

Remember how I said that it wouldn’t be hard to stick to the schedule. I lied. But not intentionally. When I first said those words, I meant it and I fully intended to write and remain on schedule. But that was before I got a second job and I wasn’t getting home till 11 at night and working 12 hour days.

I haven’t even finished the color purple yet. I’ve started the second half but I’m about 2000 words from completion. In addition to that, my computer is releasing hot air like a travelling balloon and running super slow right now. Even my coffitivity app won’t run without pausing. And I have a book propping up my computer so it can properly vent but have you ever tried typing on a tilted keyboard?? Next to impossible, I tell you!

Such obstacles would distract anyone else from completing their duty as a writer — but me? Never. I shall press on, persevere, continue to reach my prize! My sarcasm is sharpened and my metaphors are at the height of their glory! My wit is hardly at it’s end and my fingers are honed to strike. And the melodrama continues…

Current word count: 43,101
Tomorrows Goal: 46,676

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