Novel-Writing Status Update #17

I’ve finished purple and made the incredibly difficult decision to cut out the color black. The concept of black doesn’t work with the idea that you have to search behind your eyelids (it’s black behind there all the time anyway) and at least I have two more characters that I can use whenever I want. So I only have 4 more chapters left. TO celebrate, I figured I would give a list of my chapter names:

1- Let my Soul Smile through my Heart and my Heart Smile through my Eyes
2- They Live in a Grey Twilight that Knows not Victory nor Defeat
3- All Colors are the Friends of their Neighbors and the Lovers of their Opposites
4- The Overcast Skies held the Color of Deadened Stones
5- In the Dark We are All the Same Color
6- The Color of Truth is Grey
7- It’s an art to live with pain and mix the light into grey
8- It would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with base notes
9- When you’re Green, you’re Growing
10- Keep a Green Tree in your Heart and Perhaps a Singing Bird will Come
11- It is not by the grey of the hair that one knows the age of the heart
12- When you’re blue, you’re indigo. Indigo. Indigoing. Indigone.
13- Everything changes when a man becomes purple
14- I wasn’t born to the Purple
15- White was a cold pale shade of understanding that seems to take all your hope away
16- God paints in many colors but he never paints so gorgeously as when he paints in white
17- Love is the only grey color that has any beauty to it
18- All Theory, my friend, is grey

Yes, to answer your question, they are all quotes and in the final draft, I will be including their names. For the sake of time and space however, I have left the names off for now. The working title of my story is: THe Colors on the Backs of my Eyelids.

Current word count: 45,274
Tomorrow’s goal: 48,343

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