You Deserve a Longer Letter than This

Dear Future Husband,

If you think that girls are complicated, you haven’t the slightest idea until you meet me. I will redefine “complicated”.

I am a walking paradox. I want to be seen as a strong, independent woman who dreams of travelling to Europe but there is nothing I enjoy more than cuddling up into someone while they hold me as if I’m the most fragile thing in the world. Chocolate is my weakness but I want someone who will go to the farmer’s market with me on Saturday mornings to see if we can find fresh pears so we can eat healthy. I smile everyday, but there is always a special smile reserved just for you and I dearly hope you can recognize when I’m wearing the mask that everyone else sees. I am a girl with brittle bones and glass armor — I look strong but I shatter with one well-placed blow.

And you will be the only one who can hit me in the just the right spot and send me crashing to the floor in pieces. In the same way, I trust that you never would do such a thing.

There will be days when you think I’m perfect, but I think it will save a lot of trouble in the long run if I admit right now that I am far from it. And I like it that way! There is always something to attain to, a goal that I can always strive towards. And there’s nothing exciting about not making mistakes 😉

And I have made mistakes. A lot of them. I even thought one of them was you, but it turns out that they didn’t have your cologne or your favorite shirt. I’m sorry that they weren’t you, but I treasure those learning experiences and I hope that one day I can show you the lessons I learned.

I have no idea when I’ll meet you, or if I already have. I have no idea what you look like but I can guarantee right now that, to me, you will be the best-looking guy in any room we walk into. I can’t wait to have fun dates with my best friend and I really can’t wait for the moment that I start our first food fight and rub raw cookie dough on your face 🙂 it will be fun. I already have a few dates in mind, but I would love to hear a few of your idea too and add them to the mix! You better believe that we will have a ton of dates in our future (especially when we are married).

But even when life isn’t fun, I am glad you will be there to hold my hand. I’m glad that you will be by my side to support me and hold my heart together when it’s breaking. I can make a solemn promise to you right now that I will do the same for you.

It’s getting late and I’m sleepy and I wish that I could be there to cuddle next to you. I hope your dreams are pleasant and you wake up with a smile on your face even though you have no idea that it was my thoughts of you that put it there. I pray for you constantly. That your workday doesn’t seem too long, that rude people don’t ruin your day, that the Devil won’t succeed in tempting you, that you know that you are eternally loved by a gracious God who has seen your future with me, that you will keep that handsome smile on your face. I do pray for you and you are never far from my mind. Sleep tight.

I love you.

Your Future Wife


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