A goal isn’t always meant to be reached, but rather something to aim at.

I have officially edited the first third of my book. I have continued to send the chapters out to my professor, two of my editing friends, and several of my family members so that I could continue to get constant feedback and opinions from everyone. While they don’t always agree with what I have written, I value the different perceptions of the ideas that I present. In this way, I can answer questions and take note of certain problems that reappear in my writing.

I appreciate everything that everyone has told me, although there can be some days when I wonder why I haven’t just tossed the whole thing in the trash. I haven’t done so as of yet.

I haven’t completed my goal yet, but I’m proud of how far I have gotten. It’s not every person who can say that they have written a book-length manuscript before they were 20. I was speaking to a friend and we were tossing ideas back and forth about age and youth. If I continue to check things off my bucket list at this rate, I should be able to look back at my youth and be satisfied enough that my age will not bother me.

I could go on and on about that subject (and I think I will at some other time) but I’m running out of time at the moment. But I’m 1/3 of the way done with my book editing and I’m proud for acting upon my goal.

If any of my editors are reading this, I thank you for your work and I appreciate the time you’ve put into reading this. You’ve been such a help to me and I hope you will continue to help me in the last 2/3! If my head ever gets too big, don’t hesitate to smack me with a good dose of reality by some heavy criticism with the next chapters 🙂

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