Good artists copy, great artists steal.

I was musing over a post by Janna Kaixer on her blog “Words of Procrastination from a Young Writer” and decided that I would answer the questions she had on her post. I know I wasn’t nominated but I still like answering them because then I know my opinion on such things. I think it’s great to know what you think about random questions because you learn a little more about yourself — and when is that ever a bad thing??

1) Describe the feeling you get from writing in one word.

Discovery. I can discover what the characters are thinking, I can lead the voyge to discover new worlds, and I think there is always a little bit of self-discovery in every piece of writing (you learn what characteristics drive you crazy, what ideas always come back to haunt you, and places that you would love to visit).

2) What do you like best about writing?

I love the creative aspect. You get to play God for a few minutes and make a world all your own. Everything is at your disposal and you can manipulate factors as you please.

3) What don’t you like about writing?

I hate going back and reading what I have already written. There are times when I feel that I shouldn’t even be writing because the past stuff is so terrible. The editing process is one of my mortal enemies (I can say that because I’m in the middle of editing a book!). I would prefer to write pieces and ignore them. I even hate going back and reading previous blog posts!

4) What’s your writing soundtrack?

It depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes, I prefer sad country love songs and other times (more frequently) I turn Pandora to the solo piano music station. There are some times when I prefer to write in complete silence so I can focus on the sound of keys. Again, it just depends and I pick my music on a whim.

5) What am I currently reading?

I haven’t picked up another book since I finished George R.R. Martin’s Dance with Dragons. It’s excellent and I love the whole Game of Thrones series even if I haven’t watching the HBO show. (Does anyone know if it’s worth watching?)

6) Do you judge book by their covers?

Nope. I often admire cover art but I never select books by it. Often, I will browse the shelves and pick ones with interesting titles (so I judge by titles, I guess).

7) Does what you read influence your writing?

Very much. I have noticed that since I have begun the Game of Thrones series, I will often describe situations or characters in Martin’s style. Certain time periods will influence the setting and I will sometimes pull personality of certain characters and mimic them in my own writing. If there is a poignant phrase, I will sometimes pull the idea from a piece of writing and parrot it in my own writing. Long story short: yes.

8) Do you use social media such as Twitter?

No, I don’t like Twitter. Describing a thought in less than 120 characters is fascinating but it’s not something that I’m particularly good at. I don’t take enough pictures to have an Instagram either, but I do have a Facebook in order to keep up with family and friends that live far away from me (I have several of them). This is my first blog also, so I’m new to the whole Internet presence. I suppose if I want this blog to grow, I should get more connected but I haven’t done so yet.

10) Do you admit to being a writer or are you a “closet writer”?

I have just recently admitted to being a writer, but for a long time I fell in the “closet writer” category.

11) When is your favorite time to write?

I love to write at 1 or 2 in the morning. There’s something inspiring about being awake and travelling through different worlds when everyone else in the house is asleep. I always seem to blog in the morning but all my fictional writing is done in the wee hours of the morning. I try not to let the dark circles show 😉

12) Where is your favorite place to write?

I love writing in a coffee shop. I will often go early in the morning (around 6:30) and catch a glimpse of the first ones to venture in and guzzle down the caffeine. Or if not then, I would prefer to go later at night, after supper if they are still open. Why can’t there be a coffee shop that is open at midnight?? I would provide enough business for it to stay open! Entrepreneurs, please take this idea and run!

That’s all. Thanks, Janna for inspiring this post!


3 thoughts on “Good artists copy, great artists steal.

  1. Hello! Thank you for answering my questions – I was worried that no one would! I love your answers, especially the one word description for writing – I thought about it a lot when I wrote the question but I couldn’t come up with anything (I was sure it’d stump a lot of people) but I love your answer! Writing is a journey, it is discovering something new, be it about your characters or yourself. I sort of feel like writing is a way into my soul, which whilst strange, is totally true because a lot of the things in my writing, the thoughts of my characters mirror my own or have done so in the past. Great post! (I did get your email btw and will respond to it ASAP).


  2. Thanks! I will admit that the question stumped me and I told myself that I would pick the first word to come in my head, no matter what it was. First impressions are often gut instincts and I knew that even if the word wasn’t quite “right” in its description, it would hold some level of truth. Deep down, I do think that all of our characters are reflections of ourselves (even if they are foils of ourselves, we had molded them to take the shape of our opposites).

    Thanks for your inspiration!

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