She refused to be bored simply because she wasn’t boring.

Now that I have returned from my family reunion, I find myself in the doldrums of everyday life. I liked the busy work that I was given at my grandma’s house — the vacuuming, the dusting, the cooking, the little bit of gardening here and there. I don’t like this lethargic state where I’m not inspired or motivated to do anything. I never thought I’d say this but I’m excited for work next week so I can be doing stuff and getting paid.

Working on my book has begun to feel tedious and I’m sick of reading my own work and watching the red pen bleed on the paper. I keep trudging along though and my goal is to finish the last chapters and the preliminary stages of editing by the end of July.

I even cleaned and organized my room. I know what I’m bringing to college and I’m caught up on my laundry (it’s folded, I just need to put it away). I have put the finishing touches on my bookshelf and desk. I’ve even gotten in the habit of making my bed.

Catching a glimpse of the canvas under my desk, I was tempted to finish a piece that I had begun last summer. Perhaps I shall reach even more into the depths of my creativity and start to paint. I do enjoy painting, although I’m not nearly good enough for the interest to develop into anything more than a hobby.

I don’t know what else I’ll do with my summer. Since enjoying Martin’s Dance with Dragons, I haven’t picked up another book. To reward myself one day after work, I debated going over to the local bookstore and helping myself to the first few chapters to a book recommended me by a friend. Perhaps I shall still do that. I have yet to locate the local library but I was told that it was about a 20 minute drive away from me — why go to a library when you can go to a bookstore? How could I possibly be expected to pick? Especially when I can sip my coffee at one and not the other! What a decision!

I shall save that choice for another day when I can expend much more brain cells on figuring out a solution to such a predicament. Until then, I shall do my best to escape the nearly inevitable clutches of boredom.


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