To write is human, to receive a letter: divine!

Dear future husband,

I hope you’re a nerd. I hope I can ask you a random question and you won’t look at me like I”m strange, but rather you’ll answer it to the best of your ability. I hope that if neither one of us knows the answer, then we can find it together. I hope you’ve got the same innate curiosity within you that I have, that uncanny talent of asking questions about everything. I hope you indulge my own inquisitiveness.

I want to be able to talk to you about anything. Someday, I hope to introduce you to my thinking spot by the water so your mind can wander like mine. We can sit on the edge of the pier at 2 in the morning and you can describe all the constellations that you remember and we can have a contest to see who finds them first. Even if my mind is running a 100 miles an hour, I don’t care if yours is taking a leisurely stroll without a care in the world. And when it rains, I hope you will grab my and and run with me to the dry comfort of our home — but not before pausing to waltz with me to no music as the raindrops cling to our clothes and cluster in our hair. I hope you join me in sitting in a chair by the fire, staring out the window with cups of tea between our hands.

I don’t even mind if you’re a coffee person or a tea drinker, or none at all! As long as you can sit with me and think, we will get along just fine 🙂

I hope you ask me questions too. I hope I can answer them and when I can’t, I hope that you will suggest a trip to the library to find out. I love libraries. But you will have known this already because you will have already given me a book for my birthday present (and if you haven’t by that time, I’m sure you will in the future). I hope you like books. I don’t really care what type of books, be they fantasy, science fiction, history and genealogies, textbooks on quantum physics, romantic stories even! I care not as long as you read. And if perchance you are a slow reader, that will make you all the more dear to me because you put forth so much time and effort into a past time you love.

This letter is filled with many hopes of the type of person you will be, memories that I hope to make with you. I hope that you are intellectually attractive. Even if you do not fulfill all these dreams I have of you and even if — heaven forbid — you don’t like books, you are still my future husband and I will still love the wonderful person you are. I pray for you and you float in and out of my thoughts.

I love you even now.

Your future Wife

3 thoughts on “To write is human, to receive a letter: divine!

  1. I love these! 🙂 I love these a lot! I love the whole concept. I look forward to the day, however many years from now, after you and him have spent enough time together that you know each other better than you know yourselves; the day when you tell me that while you were on the internet you happened to stumble across these and took the time to read through them together and marvel at what came true, what didn’t, and what developed over time. What a wonderful experience that will be.

  2. Beverly HIckey says:

    Your uncle says you may want to give them to your future husband in advance so he knows what he is getting into. 😉 Of course he will already know because you will have done some of them while dating.

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