My 1st Happy Day

I’ve recently been blessed with a wonderful pen pal from New Zealand (I’m looking at you, Miss Janna 🙂 ) and I read on her blog of her experience with an organization called 100 Happy Days. I realize that I already answered some of her questions on a previous post of hers and now I’m stealing content from her again!

100 Happy Days (the link is below) is an organization that challenges you to post one picture a day of something that makes you happy. In a nutshell, the goal is to remind you of the little things in life and the many blessings that we are surrounded by every day. I adore this concept!

So this is day 1!


I’ve gotten into the habit of taking my brother out for coffee in the morning (I get coffee, he gets some sugary drink with more milk than any actual coffee but he enjoys it 🙂 ) and today was no exception. Since I go back to school soon, I’ve tried to treat him once a week. Today, we shared a muffin and he rattled on about the many concerns of a little boy; namely, wondering he made the travel baseball team and if we would be able to play outside after I was finished running some errands this afternoon. He is a little ball of energy but I can’t help but indulge him. And after all, isn’t that my duty as the older sister? 🙂 I will miss him so much when I leave for college in a few weeks but, at least for today, I was perfectly happy sitting across from him and teasing him about the crumbs on his face.


One thought on “My 1st Happy Day

  1. Aw that’s so nice of you to say! Though I’ve been a little lax on the emails lately – there is one sitting in my draft box at this very moment waiting to be sent and sent it shall be.

    I’m glad you’ve joined in! I’ll keep a close eye out for your posts! The bonding time with your brother sounds lovely! You sounds like a great big sis!

    Talk to you later!


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