A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.

I saw him once and probably will never see him again. Camo hat, white tanktop, farmer’s tan — you know the type? I was driving on the highway when I came to a red light and came to a complete stop next to a silver pick-up truck. Per usual, I had my windows rolled down and the country music drifting out as I sang the words to every song. As I waited for the light to turn green, I noticed a movement in the corner of my eye.

It was the guy in the truck, waving his hand at me rather urgently.

Thinking he wouldn’t flag me down unless one of my lights wasn’t working or some other reason worth my attention, I kicked the volume on the radio and leaned to hear what he had to say.

“You have one of the prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen.”

My temperature in the car registered 81 degrees (Fahrenheit, to clarify for my international readers) but it was only now that my face turned bright red. Flashing him one of those smiles, I called out my thanks and turned my music back up.

I guess that wasn’t all though because he flagged me down again. By this point, I was thinking that this was one of the longest red lights of my life…

Needless to say, I quieted the radio again only to hear this statement:

“Seriously, you’re gorgeous.”

With that statement, the light turned green and the volume cranked back up to 10. That country boy doesn’t even know that this blog exists and he doesn’t even know my name. But he totally made my day. I mean, he only could have gotten a glimpse of my face a few times when my hair wasn’t flying around and obscuring his view. What was it that made my smile so powerful that it was impressionable enough for him to comment?

In a previous post, I mentioned how I get a lot of my ideas while driving. This idea I actually remembered. I was wondering, what exactly makes people attractive? It wasn’t like Country Boy could see my body or anything below my shoulders. I was wearing a white tshirt and my hair was windblown. I’m a terrible singer and I was belting out the lyrics to a blaring country song while cruising 77 on the highway. There was nothing that would instantly signal “attractive-ness”. But something did.

It took the next 20 miles before I could put my finger on it. It wasn’t just that fact that he thought I looked physically beautiful, although that certainly could have been implied by the words. It was the way I was acting. I was oblivious to any peering eyes and I was enjoying myself in the moment. I can’t sing, in fact, I’m downright awful. But I sang each and every word of that song and loved every second of it (yes, I admit that I may have been head-banging to one of the songs…no excuses, I was just having fun 🙂 ). The point is, he was attracted to the carefree way that I was living. There was passion, no worries, and pure innocent joy on my face when I was singing. Whether or not he saw that, I’m not sure and he’s not here to contradict me so I can draw my own conclusions about this.

But I truly think that he was attracted to my joy of singing and driving fast. There’s something very appealing about someone who can find joy in simple things. One of my friends loves to read and drink tea and I enjoy listening to him talk about the benefits of black tea — even such a boring subject can be exciting when you can see happiness twinkling in their eye at the very word. I have another friend who loves to ask questions and it puts a smile on my face when she gets her answer. Passion is attractive! It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in life as long as you’re passionate about it and that will automatically attract other exciting people.

So you may not be the best of singers, and your hair may be totally messy from the wind running its fingers through, and your t-shirt may be a dingy shade of white, but if you belt out country music on the highway, I’ll do my best to return the compliment 🙂 thanks Country Boy


4 thoughts on “A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.

  1. You shouldn’t lie my freckily friend!! You are a good singer, at the very least a decent one. Don’t claim to be “downright awful” when you’re not; we both know of a certain someone who is a downright awful singer, and you sing much better than she does.

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