Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving with the windows down and listening to very loud music.

I’ve driven about 1200 miles in the past three days. While I didn’t like driving so much when I first got my license, I actually really enjoy it now. It’s my “me-time”. I can open the sun-roof on the my car, roll the windows down, crank the country music and set the cruise. It’s quite relaxing. My mind always wanders whenever I drive like this and I come up with most of my blogposts that way…unfortunately I forget most of them because I can’t write the ideas down and all the ideas lead to tangents that lead to separate concepts that aren’t even similar to the moment of inspiration — which leads to me not being able to find my way back to my original blog-worthy thoughts.

photo (4)

Today though, I found myself on a two-lane country road — a rarity since I moved to the city. I had the radio up loud and my thoughts were rambling as I absentmindedly sang all the songs on the radio since I’m know the words by heart. And in that moment, in those minutes that turned into hours with my hair swirling around and the sun beaming through the open top and the music blaring in my ears, I was perfectly happy.


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