Six is never enough.

I have a friend (please contain your surprise) that I don’t often get to see. In fact, we often go several months between seeing each other and we email on a semi-regular basis twice a month or so. When we do get together though, I anticipate a sleepover with Disney movies and going out for breakfast the next morning and enjoying quite a few cups of coffee. However, when I think about this friend, there’s one thing that comes to mind quicker than any of the others: cookie dough.

cookie dough

This became a tradition when we got together the night before I was leaving to go off to college. Although we are the same age, she graduated a year early so she has one more year of college under her belt than I do. When she came over to bequeath her knowledge of freshman year, she brought along with her a tub of raw cookie dough. Now yes, I realize that it says right on the front of the container: “Do not consume raw cookie dough”.

We are rebel children and we often consume unhealthy amounts of cookie dough in one sitting. Anyway, my friend came over a few nights ago and she left the cookie dough here. I miss her a lot but even sitting here with my spoon in the bowl, I feel a little bit closer to my crazy friend. As she can attest, six bites of cookie dough is never enough.


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