Of two sisters, one is always the watcher and the other the dancer.

She’s drawn my blood with her teeth. I’ve pulled out more of her hair than her hairbrush. She stretches out my clothes and I shrink hers in the dryer (but I did buy the identical shirt to replace the one I ruined!) I steal her hair dryer and she takes my curling iron without asking. We love to hate each other and the only time we get along is when we are causing trouble.

Yeah, she’s my sister.

We are complete opposites of each other. In fact, I have hardly ever taken pictures until I started this 100 Happy Day challenge and she takes multiple selfies a day. She was the one who suggested taking this picture before I left for college.

photo (1)

Because she’s my sister and I love her (although I hardly prove it and neither does she) I agreed to submit to the camera. We don’t even look related, now that I think about it. She’s the social butterfly and I would rather binge on raw cookie dough and BBC shows on Netflix. She’s friends with everyone and I have only a close circle of people. Our personalities are very different and she would rather say the right thing and not mean it than the wrong thing and offend someone — where I, on the other hand, have no problem speaking my mind. We compliment each other.

In some situations, she would rather be the dancer and I would watch because I’m not social enough to find a partner. In other cases, I will take the spotlight and she will sit at a corner table — still surrounded by people she knows, of course. There are certain areas where we shine and we like to highlight each other.

We probably do it subconsciously because we would never be so nice on purpose. If I’m honest, I’m surprised that she ended up on my 100 Happy days. But she is my sister and for a few rare seconds, she does make me happy.


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