All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

Today is my first day where I was officially moved into college. I already have my little nook set up, my computer placed just off-center on the top of my desk where I’m typing to you now, my music playing softly, and the secret stash of food (I’m not telling you where it is).

There are a few things that definitely made me happy today but for some reason, I couldn’t bear ruining the moment by taking out the camera. The thought crossed my mind when my step-dad stopped by with the rest of my stuff and I contemplated whipping out my phone and taking a pic of the empty car. My fingers briefly reached for my phone when I was watching Doctor Who with some of my friends but I didn’t want to interrupt the conversation with the annoying phrase: “Let’s take a selfie!” And when I glimpsed up just now at the row of picture frames on my desk, I wondered if I should switch pictures.

But there was something that niggled at my insides that told me to stick with what I had.

So I did. My mama knows me well and she always sends me back to school with quite a lot of chocolate. This semester was no different and even though the first day of school isn’t even here yet, I’ve already started to nibble at this bag of dark chocolate MMS.


I may be a few hours away but I enjoy the memories that opening up this bag of chocolate brings. And I don’t know if you will read this tonight, tomorrow, or in a few weeks when you remember to check up here, but thanks for making me smile today Mama 🙂


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