…Can I taste your asparagus?

This day was long and uneventful, filled with lectures and scribbling into notebooks. I was into my fourth hour of reading when I took a break to make dinner for my roommates (lasagna, sauteed asparagus, and garlic bread). I was getting read to start back into it when I received a text from a friend who had a stressful day. Packing my bookbag, I instantly walked to the rescue where I got in her car and we drove to Panera to get food and study.

Upon arrival, I told her about my excellent cooking skills and the cashier overheard us. Ian, the friendly cashier who looked much younger than us, was quite nice and commented on the asparagus that he had heard I had cooked.


By the end of the night, he had given us his number when he clocked out. Since we were slap-happy by that time, we had already made several jokes about asparagus — one of which ended up being the title of this post.

Moral of the story: The way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach, especially if you cook asparagus.


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