The only time to eat diet food is when you’re waiting for the steak to cook.

I have this bad habit of making people believe that I can do things even though I’ve never done it before. Even when I tell them straight-out that I’ve never done something before, they still believe I can do it because I carry myself with such confidence.

Hence, this picture. I have a friend who is on a strict medical diet. Since I’m the least pickiest eater in the world, I often eat exactly what she does. I like to think that it reassures her that her food isn’t that bad and that it helps her feel not as alone when eating non-processed foods — although there’s a good chance she just enjoys my company and is happy that I eat whatever she does 🙂 I haven’t asked.

steaks with peaches

Anyway, I’ve never grilled peaches before (I have seen it done so I’m not completely ignorant on the subject of grilled fruit) but as soon as I suggested it, she hopped on the idea under the assumption that I could do so. It tasted pretty good, although I could’ve left the thicker peaches on for a few minutes longer.

Either way, this picture is documentation of my first official grilled fruit success.


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