This is a test.

You’ve read it once. Let’s see if you read it again.

You know who you are.

We both like thunderstorms. As I write this, it’s pouring. The thunder rumbles like laughter — although to you, it’s more of a bass drum and at this moment, I definitely understand what you’re saying. I’ve seen lightning crack through my window once already and my mind drifts back to the night when we accidentally ran into each other in the rain and watched the lightning dance across the sky.

You dance. I don’t. But we’ve both danced in the rain. I haven’t told you this yet but I’m beyond impressed by your dancing abilities. And the fact that you took a tap-dance class here just because you wanted to? Awesome. The cherry on top of all of this: you sing! While I’m usually okay with people I know hearing me sing to the country radio, I’m not sure I want you to listen. Not if you’re so good. And dancing? I might dance in the rain but it will probably look more like twirling and puddle-jumping.

You gave me a book. A book I’ve never heard of. “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”. I usually only trade books with my best friends — so what does that make you? I’ve never even heard of the book you gave me so I’m excited to bury my nose in it while I’m spending yet another Friday night in my room. I know you just started reading but I can’t wait to give you my copy of “The Count of Monte Cristo”. You probably won’t like it, but I’d like to think you’d read it all the way through so you can give me a list of the reasons that you don’t like it. That sounds like something you would do.

You are the only person who has ever made the claim that they are confident enough to bring me down a peg or two if I’m being arrogant. No one has ever made that claim before. I’m not sure that I believe you but I would love to see you try. And you will try. That’s also something you would do.

I really like talking to you. You’re different. You’re fun. You’re a mix of converging functions and waltz steps, a combination of bow-ties and shirts from the Big Bang Theory, a refreshing concoction of your unique laugh and an incredibly dry, VERY sarcastic sense of humor. You do things that no one else would do. I’m intrigued. I’m glad we’re friends from last year because that gives me a little more foundation to say what follows. It may be a little weird, but that’s never stopped me from saying what was on my mind before — I know I can be rather blunt. Anyway, I like you. Not sure how much yet, but you make me smile and that’s enough for me to consider you a good friend. More than that? I’m not sure yet. But I like you.

This is a test.

You’ve read my blog once. Let’s see if you will read it again.

You know who you are.


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