A goal without a plan is just a wish.

So, I really like soup and I really like making homemade food. I have this goal (not a resolution per se) of making healthier food choices this year. And yes, just as this post from Elizabeth’s Delightfully Tacky says, I am making this goal more specific.

To clarify, my goal is to eat at least 2 fruits and veggies every day. In college where everything seems to be a carb overload, even a simple goal such as this can be difficult to reach. I started out with just 1 per day, but I realized that I need to challenge myself a little bit more than that.

I might even start pulling fun recipes that I have tried or would like to try at a later date. Maybe I’ll even give them their own category on this little blog of mine!

As for right now however, I will just reblog this from a blog that I dearly love and give her all the credit. Thanks Elizabeth!

Delightfully Tacky.

Follow the link for a recipe to make Butternut Squash Soup.


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