Faith makes things possible, not easy.

One of my dear friends and, dare I say it, my unintentional mentor wrote this post on a blog that she has contributed to for some time now.

Hannah is an intern at the BioLogos Foundation (check them out here) and she is a very close friend. She may not know it because I don’t say it too often, but I appreciate her friendship more than she knows.**

Also, someday I wish to look just as good in lab goggles as this gem does.

Follow the link below to read her post:

**It may be weird for you guys reading this, but I’m not one to readily volunteer emotional responses to anything. It’s even more weird because I’m willing to share things on this very public blog. In a manner of speaking, this blog doesn’t seem that vulnerable to me simply because I’m offering up my own thoughts and not intense emotions that I’ve buried for awhile because I tend to ignore pain. That last sentence right there is about as far as I’m willing to delve into that.


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