Don’t gobblefunk with words.

Thanks to Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky I have a delightful idea for this new year.

Of course, it’s already 10 days in but I like it.

If I were to pick one word for 2015, it would be: ASPIRE.

I have many aspirations for this year.

I’m already in the swampy middle of applications for REU programs at several Big 10 schools. In addition to that, I want to be able to take Calculus I online so I can continue to take my advanced chemistry and biology classes next semester — somehow it go lost in the shuffle of classes and I never took it. By the end of this year, I want to be able to start preparing for the GRE and the PCAT. Stepping away from the academic arena, I would like to be able to show constant improvement on my PT exercises that I do on my own time. And the cherry on top? I’m in a relationship. There should always be aspirations for that sorta of thing, ya?

I briefly considered “growth” as my word for this year, but I was deterred by the thought that there should always be growth in a year. When picking a word, you are essentially highlighting where you would like to see the growth happen. So for me, I aspire to grow and fulfill my goals for this year.

Like Flynn Rider, I have a dream that I don’t prefer to sing out loud. However, dreams can be reached with goals and goals can be achieved through plans. I have plans and aspirations.

Therefore, look out 2015. I don’t gobblefunk around.


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