Hello again, old stranger.

I looked in the mirror and saw someone there,
I was taken aback by her bold, steady stare.
She looked like how I thought I would,
And I didn’t know her but felt that I should.

She was different than yesterday and yet the same
The question lingered: what was her name?
The more that I looked, the more I knew
If I asked, she would say: “I am you.”

How many are there? I wondered again.
There had been so many I couldn’t retain
All of their faces and all of their tales;
I was lucky if I remembered a few details.

I blinked and she copied me at the same time.
Everything I did, she would instantly mime.
It’s funny to see your face and not see
That maybe this was who you’re meant to be.

But then again, maybe not and you’re not done
progressing because life’s crazy path has just begun.
You’ll keep seeing faces that don’t seem to belong
But one day you’ll know that you don’t have it wrong.

You will constantly change and surprise yourself
As you repeat old traits collecting dust on a shelf
or try out some new ones that don’t quite fit right.
Know that the reflection will always be bright.

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