We have nothing left in common but old memories.

I remember you.

It’s amazing how quickly the mind forgets. With so many tiny neurotransmitters passing electrical charges back and forth, one would think they wouldn’t drop so many memories on the ground and forget to pick them up.

They say nostalgia is the best and worst memory to have. Why?

Memories coated in nostalgia have a terrible grip on a person’s psyche. Each time the memory is relived, the emotion that is connected to the memory is stronger than any other memory recalled.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe nostalgia is sticky. That’s why we can’t ever drop those.

Or we don’t want to.

I remember you. Every month your memory circles around like a slow ferris wheel that decides to accompany the clowns that occupy the rest of my schedule and thoughts. There’s just one little problem.

If that ghastly ferris wheel rolled around covered in the cobwebs of the past stopped at the top, I would be just fine. I’m not scared of heights. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

It stops at the bottom and asks if I would like to get on. As if I have a choice. And that’s the kicker.

I’m terrified


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