The past is never where you think you left it.

First off, I must begin by saying that I am most definitely NOT a morning person. And yes, I still consider 11:00 part of the morning. Therefore, please ignore any spelling errers, any bad punctuation; and any other tpyos that you may find in this post.

Other than the fact that my brain doesn’t function at full capacity until after 12, there’s nothing wrong with this morning. I’m in a great mood. Please ask why.

Why, thank you for asking! Let me tell you: I got to sleep in a bit today, I’m wearing my favorite red cardigan, and I’m excited to read my orgo textbook because I actually know what is going on. My favorite flavor of coffee was served at the campus coffee shop and my bagel was perfectly toasted. I received 2 great grades on my last biology test (yesterday’s feat) and my lab practical (last week’s hurdle). Those are just a few of the things that I can appreciate today.

Don’t get me wrong, today will be a long one. I’m okay with that. It vaguely reminds me of a post that I put up here last year (has it really been that long?!):

A few of you may remember that I don’t like reading my own work unless several months have passed. That being said, I’ve started to pursue the archives to see what I was writing about a year ago. It’s interesting and I’m beginning to have more thoughts on those posts than I did when I first posted them. (Prepare to see a few flashback posts in the future.) Anyway, I have 2 conclusions about the above link:

1) I had a lot more time back then to enjoy whatever writing I did. I also put forth more effort to check my mental thesaurus for prettier-looking words (yeah, I’m one of those writers). I explored different metaphors and was more focused on the idea of “pretty” writing. Now, I’ve switched to more of a “word vomit” concept — basically, I write down the thoughts that I’ve been wrestling with or pondering or even just the exhausted version of the day because I want to see it from a different perspective.

2) I was just as busy then as I am now and I was happier then. I’m not sure where that girl went. Okay, that’s a lie. She drowned in notebook sheets covered in molecules and she choked on the words she read in textbooks and she was strangled in her bookbag straps.

But today, she has been resurrected in the slightest way and I can feel the unintentional smile wriggling it’s way onto my face once more.

Good morning, my dear readers.

3 thoughts on “The past is never where you think you left it.

  1. Lol! Great job for making me laugh…this was a very well-done post that was entertaining.

    I only call myself a morning person because I wake up early but some mornings I bang into things and my brain doesn’t function until 9:00… A.M. I should say. 😛

    I saw your post that you linked to this post and noticed that you are a big fan of BBC shows. I love their shows – Sherlock is my favorite. Mycroft Holmes is an INTJ, Sherlock Holmes is an INTP (people sometimes confuse him with INTJ) and of course Moriarty who I hate to mention but he’s an example of what happens when you use your abilities in a bad psychopath way.

    Hopefully you don’t mind me commenting on many of your posts but they are really entertaining! 🙂

    Best Wishes!


    • First, far be it from me to keep people from commenting on posts that they enjoy! Granted, I do censor comments before I approve them, but other than the fact that you mentioned Moriarty, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to voice your opinion on my opinions.

      Secondly, I’m glad my sleep-deprived writing personality entertains you.

      Thirdly, you inspired me to write a post about Moriarty. Whether or not it will be posted today, I’m not sure. But I sense it in the near future.

      Thanks for your loyalty!

      • Yes, I understand… no language or inappropriate subjects, same on my blog. “The fact that you mentioned Moriarty”? You disagree that I mentioned him as an INTJ? I guess I will see your post and wait in anticipation whenever you decide to post it!
        I do some of my best INTJ thinking and ideas for my blog… but I sacrifice my sleep so I get insomnia each night.

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