Treat your makeup like jewelry for your face.

10 Reasons Why I Wear Red Lipstick:
1) Because I will never deny myself the chance to look as fierce as Tyra Banks while channeling the exact same shade as Taylor Swift (Dragon Girl by NARS…you’re welcome).
2) Because the bright color makes my cheeks look perfectly flushed, draws attention away from the dark circles under my eyes, and makes my teeth appear whiter
3) Because I believe in dynamic first impressions
4) Because everyone needs a little color in their life
5) Because it’s the little things in life that mean the most, especially when it’s a 2-second swipe of confidence in the middle of a bad day
6) Because you need to leave your mark on the world — even if it’s only pressed on the rim of a coffee cup
7) Because it reminds me that I can do what makes me happy without depending on the opinions of others
8) Because it adds the finishing touch to an outfit
9) Because it helps me create a unique look all my own that sticks in people’s minds
10) Because I can happily look in the mirror, smile at myself, and remind myself that there should be a drop of fun in every day

“All this time, and you speak to me as though I were a flighty pinprick of a girl. I am a magician! Did you ever think, even once, that I loved lipstick and rouge for more than their color alone? I am a student of their lore, and it is arcane and hermetic beyond the dreams of alchemists. Did you ever wonder why I gave you so many pots, so many creams, so much perfume? …
Cosmetics are an extension of the will. Why do you think all men paint themselves when they go to fight? When I paint my eyes to match my soup, it is not because I have nothing better to do than worry over trifles. It says, I belong here, and you will not deny me. When I streak my lips red as foxgloves, I say, Come here, male. I am your mate, and you will not deny me. When I pinch my cheeks and dust them with mother-of-pearl, I say, Death, keep off, I am your enemy and you will not deny me. I say these things, and the world listens. Because my magic is as strong as an arm. I am never denied.”

― Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless

When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.

This a document from my advisor/professor that I think holds some valuable insights. Take note that none of the italicized thoughts are my owns, but simply ones that I have copied down for you.

These are reflections that – I believe – are best presented in print (so you can see and ponder them). The central theme is that God reveals Himself from the creation (Ps. 19, Ps. 8, Job 38-41, Rom. 1:16-20, etc.).

There are many whose level of expertise/experience in the way of handling scientific data is quite low… I can’t imagine taking the approach below with them – after all, their background means they value other things. In fact, most whose appreciation for the sciences is weak tend to see the explanations from the sciences as just another opinion in an ocean of opinions… of little value.

The more experience you have in the sciences, however, the more you tend to see the powerful explanatory capabilities of the sciences. You see how such explanations are drawn from huge quantities of evidence. You see how those explanations are guided and confined by their ability to describe and conform to that measurable evidence, even when tested again and again.

You see how those explanations can take on a life of their own and generate predictions – which are also tested, and which then add further confirmation to the explanations.

And if you can see God’s place as creator and sustainer of the universe, you can be quickly blown away by His capability and design. His character is being revealed.

Here is an abbreviated list of character qualities clearly revealed in the creation:

* omnipresence (from the big bang theory and from radioactive decay that describes short and incredibly long lifetimes for atomic nuclei);

* omnipotence (big bang theory again; the truly universal extent of the ‘laws of nature’ such as gravitational attraction and inertia – which we might just as well recognize as God’s sustaining and directing hand);

* changelessness – from one time to another, and from one place to another (shown by astronomical data, which gives us a look back in time – since it takes time for light from distant objects to reach us – and across great distances);

* creativity (consider the variety of birds, flowers, and even among humans; consider that the big bang theory demands a creation from nothing);

* a mind above our understanding – omniscience (shown both in the simplicity of the equations of our physical laws such as gravity; and in the complexity/inter-relatedness of the various physical laws, such as the relationship between magnetism and electrical charge behavior – which are superimposable onto the same equations!);

* a desire to be known by us (that these same laws above should be discoverable and recognizable to our comparatively limited human mental capacities; that the skies of our planet do not absorb visible light, as they do absorb most of the wavelengths not discernable by our eyes – allowing us to see, appreciate, and study the heavens);

* care for us / love (that there is protection for us built in at so many levels… boundaries for the oceans, protection from X-rays by the action of molecules in our atmosphere, seasons that promote growing cycles, biological characteristics such as eyelids and eyelashes, etc.; and pleasures for our appreciation, such as music, sunsets, rainbows, flowers, birds, etc.);

* His desire for relationship with us (the common yearning for fulfilling relationship shared by humans, and the common search for more depth –for God – in truly filling that need);

* His standard for perfection – His position on that scale of good and evil (our own consciences remind us that we don’t measure up to a standard that is incredibly, unachievably high; the laws of nature show us an exceptionless standard of action);

* how He “builds in” mechanisms for recovery/reconciliation after instances of evil (consider that dying/exploding stars become the ‘seeds’ for growth of the next stars; that forest fires lead to predictable recovery patterns; that nutrients in our soils and energy sources deep underground are both the result of death – a natural evil – for some earlier creature);

* and more… (I find it difficult to impose any type of limit to the way the creation describes the hidden attributes and divine nature of our God – this list is not complete).

What it takes more than anything else is a sense that God is part of the picture.

Placing concepts such as evolution or the big bang (to focus only on origin-type explanations) under the direction of God – considering them to be His tools – completely transforms how a Christian might look at those foundational ways of understanding the evidence.

Again, it all comes down to applying ourselves to reconciling God’s revelations of truth.

From Proverbs 2:1-6 – Search for understanding/wisdom as for silver… then you will find the fear of the Lord. [It’s not like searching for gold, which is found pure in nugget form – that would be too easy to be a good analogy. Instead, the search for understanding is like searching for a valuable metal found only as a chemical compound (an ore)… it is not pure and it doesn’t even look like silver, so it will take the skill of metallurgists… and even when it is purified it requires our continuing effort to prevent tarnishing. The search for wisdom and understanding is of highest value – it leads to the fear of God, but it is not easy; it is both difficult and demands continuing energy. *Note: Solomon wrote this within a generation of Israel’s development of these metallurgical methods. Note also the extensive use of this analogy throughout scripture… that this kind of refining also happens in our own souls.]

Isn’t that interesting? Your thoughts?

Part 2: People always clap for the wrong things

After much deliberation and thought that spanned several hours, I have made my final decision.

My nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award is Beija-flor Cigano. I always have a special place in my heart for poetry and this is no different. I may speak Spanish and German and not a hint of Portuguese but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the poems all the more. Poems were meant to be read out loud and sometimes it doesn’t really matter if we know the exact translation of what we are saying. The foreign words slip off my tongue and I find myself drooling over syllables that I have never pronounced before. Basically, I love listening to myself speak nonsense out loud in front of a computer screen while knowing that someone in the world can (hopefully) understand my awful syntax and realize the broken beauty that I spew forth.

The rules are as follows:
1) Post the award on your blog.
2) Thank your nominator (is it too much to ask for a poem?…probably)
3) List 7 facts about yourself
4) Nominate another blog that you think is deserving of such an award
5) Post these rules so the nominated blog and other people know what they are


Part 1: People always clap for the wrong things.

Apparently someone actually liked reading my thoughts enough to nominate me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”! Thanks Steve!

The rules for accepting said award are as follows:
•Post the award on your blog (check)
•Thank your nominator because they’re awesome (check)
•List 7 facts about yourself (almost check!)
•Nominate 15 other blogs for their awesomeness
•Post the rules so people know them (check)

Since I’m such a rule-follower — call it a trait of the firstborns or some characteristic of my INTJ-ness — I shall proceed to Rule #3: list 7 facts about yourself.

1) I shamelessly own a sweatshirt with the periodic table on it and my sweet boyfriend bought me book on the history of the elements for Christmas which I read all the way through in utter bliss. Twice. I enjoy reading case studies for my biology class and I color code my notes for my organic chemistry class. I’m also thrilled that I get to take both microbiology and genetics next semester. Basically I’m one of the biggest nerds you ever did meet.

2) I’ve been accepted to present research about literary criticisms at the 23rd Annual Clement S. Stacy Memorial Undergraduate Research Conference. I will be focusing on Literary Darwinism, gender studies, and archetypal criticism and how they pertain to The Count of Monte Cristo. If I’m lucky, my paper will be published afterwards — making me a VERY PROUD published author before the age of 20.

3) I’ve never had my wisdom teeth taken out…which may be why I’m so nerdy. Is that a thing?

4) I had a pen pal in New Zealand for a little while before we simply fell out of touch. Two bloggers, two university students, two people who just haven’t gotten back together since. It sounds like some weird love story…it’s not!

5)I’ve contemplated starting my own fashion blog as well but since I hate taking pictures of myself, I haven’t gotten around to it. Also, I lack a camera, time, and a location to begin a fashion blog. I’m seriously considering it after I graduate. It’s something I’ve always been interested in and I’ve followed several fashion blogs long before I typed one letter on this tiny place.

6) I used to have a severe fear of needles (and I do mean severe. Like to the point of passing out at the sight of one). I’m working on getting over it by forcing myself to watch injections in movies and also using an inch long syringe in my organic chemistry lab. So basically, I’m one of those weird people who forces themselves to do something that they hate. I also force myself to eat food that I don’t like so that I get used to it and I eventually can eat it without gagging. It worked with raw tomatoes…judge me.

7) This is the seventh and final fact so it better be something special…

I have a circular scar on my right thigh from an infected spider bite in high school. It looks as if I was shot with a BB gun. In actuality, I was bit during soccer practice and I continued to play for a few weeks until there was a massive boil — so massive that it radiated heat that could be felt through my jeans and the lump was noticeable through my pants. I got it lanced (so much pus!!) and played soccer a week later with a slightly open wound that dangled an inch of gauze…isn’t that a lovely story?

With all that being said, I will conclude this post with one final thought: I realize that I haven’t posted my own nominees. Note that the title says “Part 1.” This implies that there will be a Part 2. And there will be. I shall convene with you shortly with my choice(s).

Thus ends my acceptance speech.

Polar north can’t escape a magnet. The magnet will find it no matter what.

You ever have those moments when you feel like you really know someone that you’ve never met and then it sinks in how stupid you sound and you finally accept the fact that you will never know them because there is always 1000 miles between you and your “could-have-been-but-not-really” best friend and you wallow in the fact that you still don’t know them?

Anybody?…just me? Okay, that’s fine.

I would love to go have a coffee with Taylor Swift. She doesn’t have to sign a picture. She doesn’t have to take a picture. I don’t even have to put the meeting on any kind of social media. I just want to talk to her and listen to her take on life. And love. And music. And a lot of things.

Unfortunately, I’m not on Instagram and so will not end up like any of these lucky girls:

I’m pretty sure she’s not on WordPress and there’s no way that she will be able to find little ol’ me on this little ol’ blog, but I figured I would share that longing with you all.

And Taylor, if you’re reading…I’m free for coffee at midnight.