My horror at his crime was lost in my admiration of his skill.

A loyal follower of mine inspired me to post on Moriarty. I should hate to disappoint.

I already struggle with the idea of Moriarty. I can’t help but admire the tenacity of such a villain. In the dark, cobwebby recesses of my soul, I find myself stroking the image of him as loyally as Gollum to his Precious. I see pieces of myself in him and cower under that very suggestion.

What do you do when you recognize your worst qualities in somebody else and they take pride in those qualities?

The thing that sets Moriarty apart is the lack of conscience. I wonder what the concept of Moriarty would be if he had a conscience to govern his motives. Or would it?

What kind of morals does a man like Moriarty hold? Every person is governed by something — even if the rules they live by mean that there are no rules. And then the question begs to be asked: what kind of mindset does it take in order to institute no rules?

I wish I had seen Moriarty as a child. I also vaguely wonder how many characteristics of a serial killer he possesses? They say that children who grow up to be serial killers are more likely to set fires, peek in windows, kill animals, and such. Did he do that? Or did he beguile and convince people to do it for him — similar to the way he runs the business now?

Moriarty must be a genius. [SPOILER ALERT!] In the current BBC show, Sherlock, he obviously knows computer code/programming and knows enough about science to know the physics and chemistry behind shattering unbreakable glass with a diamond and physical force (“The Reichenbach Fall”). Anyone who plans things 7 steps in advance with alternate substitutions just in case surely isn’t stupid. Now, is organization a characteristic of intelligence or simply a skill anyone can pick up?

I should end this post so I can see if I can answer any of these questions; my apologies for asking so many. It’s definitely a lot to wrestle with and Moriarty is just so terrifyingly fascinating.

One last question: can you imagine what would happen if Moriarty hacked this post?

Please don’t answer that question.


2 thoughts on “My horror at his crime was lost in my admiration of his skill.

  1. girlmeetsherself says:

    Just stumbled upon this and although you said not to answer the last question I am afraid to say it looks possible that he has already hacked it considering the amount of praise he received. However…Everything you have just said promoted endless nodding from myself. Moriarty really is an incredible character and yes (possible spoiler) I did miss you Moriarty!

  2. Haha! Sorry I haven’t been on my blog lately but yes, I do think about what must’ve happened to him when he was young. I don’t believe you simply become an INTJ personality. Something repeatedly has to be triggered for our brains and actions to be a certain way.

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