What fun would it be if I got whatever I wanted, just like that?

It’s been a bit since I posted a little link-roundup so here you go! Now you can see my materialistic desires laid out before you:

I just love these shoes. SO cute. They vaguely remind me of something that Taylor Swift would wear and that makes them all the more drool-worthy.

I’m a “pants” girl. I love skirts but I just don’t think they are practical — especially in subzero weather! But if tights are having a moment, then I might be able to jump on the bandwagon for this in the next couple months.

So like I just said, I’m not a skirt girl. I want to be able to run and spill chemicals on myself in lab and not having to worry about it falling on my skin. These types of skirts might be worth checking out because of the length and the proportion.

I tripped across BabeVibes a few weeks ago and posted an article from their Valentine’s Day special. I also really appreciate people who can slow-down for a second and learn to take care of themselves. Mostly because I’m really bad at that.

I’ll finish with a link to a TED talk because why not? TED talks are some of my favorite things to watch and I think it’s interesting to see different viewpoints from experts. This one reminds me of E. O. Wilson’s idea of sociobiology — your thoughts?


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