Part 1: People always clap for the wrong things.

Apparently someone actually liked reading my thoughts enough to nominate me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”! Thanks Steve!

The rules for accepting said award are as follows:
•Post the award on your blog (check)
•Thank your nominator because they’re awesome (check)
•List 7 facts about yourself (almost check!)
•Nominate 15 other blogs for their awesomeness
•Post the rules so people know them (check)

Since I’m such a rule-follower — call it a trait of the firstborns or some characteristic of my INTJ-ness — I shall proceed to Rule #3: list 7 facts about yourself.

1) I shamelessly own a sweatshirt with the periodic table on it and my sweet boyfriend bought me book on the history of the elements for Christmas which I read all the way through in utter bliss. Twice. I enjoy reading case studies for my biology class and I color code my notes for my organic chemistry class. I’m also thrilled that I get to take both microbiology and genetics next semester. Basically I’m one of the biggest nerds you ever did meet.

2) I’ve been accepted to present research about literary criticisms at the 23rd Annual Clement S. Stacy Memorial Undergraduate Research Conference. I will be focusing on Literary Darwinism, gender studies, and archetypal criticism and how they pertain to The Count of Monte Cristo. If I’m lucky, my paper will be published afterwards — making me a VERY PROUD published author before the age of 20.

3) I’ve never had my wisdom teeth taken out…which may be why I’m so nerdy. Is that a thing?

4) I had a pen pal in New Zealand for a little while before we simply fell out of touch. Two bloggers, two university students, two people who just haven’t gotten back together since. It sounds like some weird love story…it’s not!

5)I’ve contemplated starting my own fashion blog as well but since I hate taking pictures of myself, I haven’t gotten around to it. Also, I lack a camera, time, and a location to begin a fashion blog. I’m seriously considering it after I graduate. It’s something I’ve always been interested in and I’ve followed several fashion blogs long before I typed one letter on this tiny place.

6) I used to have a severe fear of needles (and I do mean severe. Like to the point of passing out at the sight of one). I’m working on getting over it by forcing myself to watch injections in movies and also using an inch long syringe in my organic chemistry lab. So basically, I’m one of those weird people who forces themselves to do something that they hate. I also force myself to eat food that I don’t like so that I get used to it and I eventually can eat it without gagging. It worked with raw tomatoes…judge me.

7) This is the seventh and final fact so it better be something special…

I have a circular scar on my right thigh from an infected spider bite in high school. It looks as if I was shot with a BB gun. In actuality, I was bit during soccer practice and I continued to play for a few weeks until there was a massive boil — so massive that it radiated heat that could be felt through my jeans and the lump was noticeable through my pants. I got it lanced (so much pus!!) and played soccer a week later with a slightly open wound that dangled an inch of gauze…isn’t that a lovely story?

With all that being said, I will conclude this post with one final thought: I realize that I haven’t posted my own nominees. Note that the title says “Part 1.” This implies that there will be a Part 2. And there will be. I shall convene with you shortly with my choice(s).

Thus ends my acceptance speech.

One thought on “Part 1: People always clap for the wrong things.

  1. Well, you wrote this pretty quickly!
    You seem like a typical INTJ in that we are the nerds or as I like to say, “We are passionate about what we love.” I always find our “personality enemies”, INTP’s to be more the geeky type.
    Congratulations on point 2!
    “I hate taking pictures of myself” seems like a very typical thing with INTJ’s as well. Neither of my best friends (one online and the other I know personally) who’s an INTJ girl doesn’t like to do it either. They’re not a Selfie addict like a bunch of other girls but that’s totally fine. 😉
    Afraid of needles, eh? One of my other best friends is severely afraid of needles so she never gets vaccinated. I always hate eye-drops and I get so frantic and stressed out when I have to go to the eye-doctor. I’m also afraid of extreme heights and hornets and wasps.
    I would’ve played the story of being shot more or at least say you were bitten by a black widow and almost died.

    So I noticed that you have twitter and since you lost your New Zealand pen pal, I was thinking we could private message each other. Of course, nothing too personal or anything of sorts but just to share any cool information and INTJ stuff like that. No pressure but it would be cool if you’re fine with it! If so, I’ll follow you and send you a tweet showing who I am.

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