The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

On the same day that Duchess Kate has named her baby girl, I too have named my fashion blog: Gotta be the Genes.

Get it? Get the pun? Jeans? Genes? I’m sure my mother will approve (the genes are definitely all hers…)

I decided that my niche would be to cater to those in the sciences who can’t dress themselves properly (it’s a wide audience). I’m sure the post titles will be full of science puns and nerdy jokes and I have no doubt that my goggles will make an appearance or two.

I was inspired by my personal style — groundbreaking, I know. But it’s true! I wanted to highlight the aspects of my outfits that make them lab-worthy and be the prime example that lab-appropriate shoes don’t have to be Crocs or tennis shoes (gag me with a flaming pitch-fork). At the same time, one can perfectly add a bit of nerd to everyday style. Periodic table sweatshirt, anyone?

Clothes won’t be the only focus though. I hope to be able to highlight cool links that I found — similar to what I’ve done a few times on here — and point out the collections of a few designers that I find interesting. Accounting for my crazy schedule, I probably will do outfit posts 3 times a week. And if I’m being truly honest, I will probably focus on one statement piece in the winter since it’s almost impossible to do anything outside for a significant amount of time in a Mishawaka winter and I will run out of daylight if I take too long to blink, let alone try and take outfit pictures.

That being said, it will still be a week or two till I get this second little blog up and running. I’m still working on the format — do you know how hard it is to cater to both the creative designers and the black-and-white science peoples??

One Red Balloon will still be up and running this summer since I still plan on writing a book. I did finally choose a topic. Stay tuned later this week for the official big reveal.

And yet, I shall warn you: I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. Since I’m terrified of needles, I’m sure it will be all hunky-dory and over in a flash. (Lies.) There won’t be too much activity on the blogs for the rest of week for fear of saying something deeply embarrassing on the internet in a drug-induced haze.

Till then, you look great in those genes.


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