Imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions.

It’s the first time I’ve been off the oxycodone and the first time I’ve trusted myself on a keyboard. Not doing so bad, eh?

That being said, I’ve finally decided on the format for the new blog, Gotta be the Genes, and I’ve updated the “About” page. I don’t have any new posts yet, but I included the link here, in case you wanted to see the little preview.

I have also decided to announce the new idea for the book I’m writing this summer! Drumroll, please…

It will be about a girl in her early 20’s (authors write about what they know) who is performing research on sperm. Sound familiar at all? The basic plotline goes like this: after much pressure from her family, she is going on dates to see if she can find “the one.” Needless to say, it always fails. Biologically, she knows exactly how men work (the sperm research), but she can’t seem to land a date.

The twist on the story comes from the research. The sperm will have certain defects that correspond with the issues the female character is having with her male counterparts. For example, one guy is running from commitment and one sperm squiggles away from the microscope lens. Another example would be the alpha male personality as compared to sperm fratricide (a concept where one or more sperm develop faster than the others and the others are killed in order that the maturation process can be completed).

I’m playing around with the title right now but I’m working along the lines of: “X, Y, and Z: a guide to dating” or something like that. It won’t be the dating how-to book but it will be a fictional spin-off of something similar.

Turns out I’ve been pretty productive on the strong drugs! Thoughts?


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