Sacrifice the illusion that you already know yourself.

Yesterday, I announced my excitement about the addition of elements to the Periodic Table (no, I’m still not over it…). However, that wasn’t the best part of the day.

Multiple friends sent me links to the CNN article that I posted here for you, dear reader. Many of them left comments like “I thought of you as soon as I saw this!” or “Are you still going to wear your sweatshirt?” or “Science nerds unite!” One even just tagged my name with multiple exclamation points — I understand how she couldn’t find the words to express her excitement.

As sweet as it was, my favorite part was this: despite the fact that I dress like the girls you see on Pinterest, I am wholeheartedly a science nerd. On the outside, I give no indication that I’m in labs from 8-5 and only had a cup of coffee and a granola bar to eat all day.  I don’t often tell you that I have dead fruit flies all over my notebook because I was counting them for a K test.  I don’t even tell you that I swabbed my hands in Microbiology and have way more bacteria on them than I care to admit.  And I don’t tell you (except for right now), that I find all of those things incredibly awesome!

But these people, my friends, my family, they know exactly what my passion is.  They know that one of my favorite places is in the lab at 10:30 at night listening to sad love songs and counting fruit flies (and if they didn’t, they know it now).

They know me.  And just a few days into 2016 as I’m reflecting on where I want to see personal growth and what my priorities are, I realize just how important that really is.

Thank you friends.

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