Books are a uniquely portable magic.

Why hasn’t she been posting “happy day” pictures? Not because she hasn’t been happy. Au contraire, ’tis because she hasn’t had the time to post!

I shall correct the error at once!

I’ve been so busy lately studying and getting my schoolwork done while managing other commitments (seen my post on my second Beacon article? Do you know how hard it is to get an interview with the president of your college? …exactly). In one of my many study sessions in the library here on campus, I noticed a bookshelf next to me with all the major classics.


Aren’t they gorgeous? I wanted to take one and flip through it but I was on a tight schedule and had to finish some Literary Criticism homework before the rest of my night whirled by. But they still made me happy 🙂


I found out how to turn the page and now I can’t stop even when the book is over.

To clarify, I don’t ride motorcycles.

But I still agreed to read this book my friend gave me. I was told it was his favorite.

matts book

I now see why. I’m only on page 45 but it’s excellent.

More importantly though, I’m excited that he was willing to share his personal copy of his favorite book with me. Total brownie points. Which by the way, happens to be his favorite dessert.


There’s a fine line between insanity and coping with your daughter dating.

It was my roommate’s first real date with her boyfriend. Needless to say, she was a crazy mix of excitement and nervousness so me and one of our other roommie’s decided to up the ante.

I was Father. Sophie was Mother. Needless to say, I think we played our parts well.

amy's date

As if that picture wasn’t enough, Mason (the boyfriend) played along!

staredown w mason

I think I look quite intimidating. And although it’s weird to say and even stranger to type for the online world to see, I had a lot of fun dressing up like a guy. I was smiling at every other moment except in these pictures. And when I opened the door, of course 😉


Life is more fun when you play games.

I really like to develop an economy with five main resources while expanding my villages and cities across different climates while trying build an army so that I can fend off robbers; all of this while rolling dice and holding cards in my hand so that I can trade with opponents.

Settlers of Catan is a great game. Each round may have taken us five minutes and the one game lasted nearly 3 hours but it was so much to have a little competition between friends. Just to clarify, if you aren’t putting tension on your relationship, then you aren’t playing the game right.

settlers of catan

By the end of this game, we were all still friends enough to help each other put the game away — although the set-up and pick-up seem to take almost as long as the actual game. Nevertheless, it made me happy 🙂


There are 3 ways to gain wisdom: reflection, the noblest; imitation, the easiest; and experience, the bitterest.

Getting slapped upside the head isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when talking about what makes you happy. When asked what makes you smile, no one ever mentions liking that feeling in your stomach that is reminiscent of a punch in the gut. Conviction isn’t exactly everyone’s definition of a happy day.

It is, in my book.

When I was sitting on the far side of a third row pew in service, I got beat up pretty bad. If you could see it physically, I’d be limping and sporting two black eyes accented with a fat lip. It’s funny how quickly one can fall out of spiritual shape in one week.

mark 1 14

Most people would call me a strong person. I’m used to dodging what life throws at me and I can juggle several things at one time. No one ever asks how I got strong though. I didn’t just wake up one day able to carry these burdens. There are spiritual and mental workouts involved. It hurts. It hurts bad. Strong people know exactly what it feels like to be weak and in most cases, that’s the reason that they are so strong now.

It’s terrifying for a strong person to be thrown into circumstances where they are the weakest link. Strong people like me thrive on our survival-of-the-fittest mindset. That doesn’t mean we don’t get scared. And lately, fear has wrapped it’s fingers around my throat and I’ve been wrestling with doubts for the past few weeks.

Thanks for giving me that slap in the face, God. It stings but it knocked the fear off my back for another day. I’ll be crawling back asking for help again in a few hours but it’s comforting to know you’re going to be there.

And it makes me happy.


One good thing about music: when it hits you, you feel no pain.

The heavy rain was followed by a splash of sunshine and I went outside to work on some homework and take advantage of the nice weather — between the water falling from the sky and the water in the air that makes it hard to breathe, a nice day has been few and far between.

I was listening to Pandora and I smiled when this song came on.

luke bryan

It was as simple as a song, but it made me happy 🙂


Coffee. Black — like my soul.

I had coffee with a dear friend of mine. Although decaf coffee doesn’t make me happy, the sight of her lovely face does! I miss her and I don’t get to see her very often because our majors hardly ever overlap. So we talked for an hour and a half about nothing and somethings and things that mean a lot to us and no one else.

decaf mocha

My first full week of college has been crazy busy and my fingers are quickly remembering how to expertly cover dark circles with concealer. I’m happy that I was able to slow down just a little tonight and spend a little time with my friends.

That makes me happy 🙂