Novel-Writing Status Update #18

I hate to disappoint but this will not be my final novel post update. Unfortunately, I am still about 500 words short and my brain has short-circuited tonight. I will finish tomorrow.

Current word count: 49,554
Tomorrow’s goal: completion

There just comes a point in time when you realize that no matter how long you stare at the screen and place your fingers on the keys, nothing will be accomplished. After an hour of staring and eating my body weight in chocolate, I have surrendered and admitted defeat. Tonight was busy and emotionally draining without having the added pressure of finishing a novel tonight.

Novel-Writing Status Update #17

I’ve finished purple and made the incredibly difficult decision to cut out the color black. The concept of black doesn’t work with the idea that you have to search behind your eyelids (it’s black behind there all the time anyway) and at least I have two more characters that I can use whenever I want. So I only have 4 more chapters left. TO celebrate, I figured I would give a list of my chapter names:

1- Let my Soul Smile through my Heart and my Heart Smile through my Eyes
2- They Live in a Grey Twilight that Knows not Victory nor Defeat
3- All Colors are the Friends of their Neighbors and the Lovers of their Opposites
4- The Overcast Skies held the Color of Deadened Stones
5- In the Dark We are All the Same Color
6- The Color of Truth is Grey
7- It’s an art to live with pain and mix the light into grey
8- It would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with base notes
9- When you’re Green, you’re Growing
10- Keep a Green Tree in your Heart and Perhaps a Singing Bird will Come
11- It is not by the grey of the hair that one knows the age of the heart
12- When you’re blue, you’re indigo. Indigo. Indigoing. Indigone.
13- Everything changes when a man becomes purple
14- I wasn’t born to the Purple
15- White was a cold pale shade of understanding that seems to take all your hope away
16- God paints in many colors but he never paints so gorgeously as when he paints in white
17- Love is the only grey color that has any beauty to it
18- All Theory, my friend, is grey

Yes, to answer your question, they are all quotes and in the final draft, I will be including their names. For the sake of time and space however, I have left the names off for now. The working title of my story is: THe Colors on the Backs of my Eyelids.

Current word count: 45,274
Tomorrow’s goal: 48,343

Novel-Writing Status Update #16

Remember how I said that it wouldn’t be hard to stick to the schedule. I lied. But not intentionally. When I first said those words, I meant it and I fully intended to write and remain on schedule. But that was before I got a second job and I wasn’t getting home till 11 at night and working 12 hour days.

I haven’t even finished the color purple yet. I’ve started the second half but I’m about 2000 words from completion. In addition to that, my computer is releasing hot air like a travelling balloon and running super slow right now. Even my coffitivity app won’t run without pausing. And I have a book propping up my computer so it can properly vent but have you ever tried typing on a tilted keyboard?? Next to impossible, I tell you!

Such obstacles would distract anyone else from completing their duty as a writer — but me? Never. I shall press on, persevere, continue to reach my prize! My sarcasm is sharpened and my metaphors are at the height of their glory! My wit is hardly at it’s end and my fingers are honed to strike. And the melodrama continues…

Current word count: 43,101
Tomorrows Goal: 46,676

Novel-Writing Status Update #15

I haven’t updated about the novel in awhile. The last time I was starting green, is that correct? And now I come to you with the news that I have just finished blue and I’m on page 73. With only 6 days left, my schedule is going to look like this:
6/25 – finish part 1 of purple and 1/2 part 2 of purple
6/26 – finish purple and part 1 of black
6/27 – finish black and part 1 of white
6/28 – finish white and part 1 of grey
6/29 – finish grey and begin ending
6/30 – finish ending and post on the blog and Facebook about my great accomplishment, followed by a few minutes of sobbing since my fingers hurt from so much typing

I don’t think I’ll have a hard time sticking to the schedule. This way, I won’t have to worry about word counts and I will be satisfied by completing sections of the book instead.

Word Count: 37,441
Tomorrow’s Goal: 40,008

One more weird fact before I end this post: my brain food for this week is tortilla chips and sweet onion salsa. I have eaten 2 family-size bags of chips and finished 1 1/2 jars of salsa. I’m sure that’s healthy…right??

Novel-Writing Status Update #14

This is the first time where I have written about a character who has taken some aspect of their color to a literal level. For the color green, I have given my second character an interest in environmental science. I debated about adding whole ‘go green’ piece of it in my story and decided that it was a valuable addition to the color idea. So it’s in there now.

Current Word Count: 27,068
Tomorrow’s Goal: 28,339

Another point that’s starting to worry me is that this story will be over 50,000 words. I’m halfway through my chosen colors right now but I’m more than halfway through my word count. I’m not about to start skimping on details and I will keep my chapters to their true length…which means that I will have to keep up with the 1,666 required word count for a few days after June 30th. Or I’ll have to seriously start cranking out some high counts for the second half of the month. I guess it all depends on how the next few days go.