Novel-Writing Status Update #16

Remember how I said that it wouldn’t be hard to stick to the schedule. I lied. But not intentionally. When I first said those words, I meant it and I fully intended to write and remain on schedule. But that was before I got a second job and I wasn’t getting home till 11 at night and working 12 hour days.

I haven’t even finished the color purple yet. I’ve started the second half but I’m about 2000 words from completion. In addition to that, my computer is releasing hot air like a travelling balloon and running super slow right now. Even my coffitivity app won’t run without pausing. And I have a book propping up my computer so it can properly vent but have you ever tried typing on a tilted keyboard?? Next to impossible, I tell you!

Such obstacles would distract anyone else from completing their duty as a writer — but me? Never. I shall press on, persevere, continue to reach my prize! My sarcasm is sharpened and my metaphors are at the height of their glory! My wit is hardly at it’s end and my fingers are honed to strike. And the melodrama continues…

Current word count: 43,101
Tomorrows Goal: 46,676

Novel-Writing Status Update #15

I haven’t updated about the novel in awhile. The last time I was starting green, is that correct? And now I come to you with the news that I have just finished blue and I’m on page 73. With only 6 days left, my schedule is going to look like this:
6/25 – finish part 1 of purple and 1/2 part 2 of purple
6/26 – finish purple and part 1 of black
6/27 – finish black and part 1 of white
6/28 – finish white and part 1 of grey
6/29 – finish grey and begin ending
6/30 – finish ending and post on the blog and Facebook about my great accomplishment, followed by a few minutes of sobbing since my fingers hurt from so much typing

I don’t think I’ll have a hard time sticking to the schedule. This way, I won’t have to worry about word counts and I will be satisfied by completing sections of the book instead.

Word Count: 37,441
Tomorrow’s Goal: 40,008

One more weird fact before I end this post: my brain food for this week is tortilla chips and sweet onion salsa. I have eaten 2 family-size bags of chips and finished 1 1/2 jars of salsa. I’m sure that’s healthy…right??

Novel-Writing Status Update #14

This is the first time where I have written about a character who has taken some aspect of their color to a literal level. For the color green, I have given my second character an interest in environmental science. I debated about adding whole ‘go green’ piece of it in my story and decided that it was a valuable addition to the color idea. So it’s in there now.

Current Word Count: 27,068
Tomorrow’s Goal: 28,339

Another point that’s starting to worry me is that this story will be over 50,000 words. I’m halfway through my chosen colors right now but I’m more than halfway through my word count. I’m not about to start skimping on details and I will keep my chapters to their true length…which means that I will have to keep up with the 1,666 required word count for a few days after June 30th. Or I’ll have to seriously start cranking out some high counts for the second half of the month. I guess it all depends on how the next few days go.

Novel-Writing Status Update #12

So far, yellow has been my least favorite color. Perhaps I just don’t like cheery personalities — which is somewhat depressing when I think about it. Or maybe, I just didn’t have a personal connection with the characters as much as I did with the previous ones. Ironically, yellow is my least favorite color in the rainbow. It’s interesting since my favorite color is only one shade of blue away from being yellow. Either way, I’m glad to be done with it.

I’ve started green tonight but I haven’t gotten very far. I’m using some of those characteristics that I brainstormed in an earlier post. I’m excited to write this one.

Word Count: 21,130
Tomorrow’s Goal: 25,005

Yes, I realize I’m running behind but after not writing for two days, I think I have made some considerable progress in that 4000 word gap. Until tomorrow, of course, and then it’s back up to 4000. I’m hoping to crank out 5000 tomorrow so that I’m ahead of schedule again.

Novel-Writing Status Update #11

I’m so exhausted from my new job and the other responsibilities of this week that I can’t find the motivation to write anything decent nor can I find the energy to actually keep my eyes open. I managed to begin the second half of yellow and introduce another concept that will resurface close to the end of the book. This is where the going get tough, I assume. The second week in is definitely the hardest so far.

Current word count: 16,997
Tomorrow’s goal: 20,004

Novel-Writing Status Update #10

I just finished the first part of the yellow section. I’m excited how it turned out but I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to follow Blaine Alani through the rest of her art career. However, I did insert a little blip of success at the end so at least she got her happy ending also.

Current Word Count: 16,238
Tomorrow’s Goal: 18,338

Novel-Writing Status Update #9

Since yellow is such a cheerful color, the character that represents it is quite cheerful. I don’t want freelancing artist Blaine Alani to leave just yet so I’m 500 words short of my word count. She even made pancakes for her roommate! Who wouldn’t want to be friends with her? Not that I’m insinuating that I’m friends with an imaginary character or anything, but sometimes it’s nice to watch a ray of sunshine in the world and enjoy the happiness they carry in their wake…I’ll make up the word count tomorrow, I suppose.

Current word count:14,566
Tomorrow’s goal: 16,670

Novel-Writing Status Update #8

I have begun to write the mini-stories inside my novel about color yellow. The energetic character is draining me. I’m not in the type of mood right now where I want to write cheerful characters.

Current Word Count: 13,990 (I’m about 600 words over today’s goal so considering that I don’t really feel like writing, I’m doing rather well)
Tomorrow’s goal: 15,003