What abundance of grace was born to you that you could share with me?

I found the one whom my soul loves.

I found him in a coffee shop over two years ago and he held my hand as I jumped in puddles.  I found his eyes softening like butter when he gazed in awe at my freckles as the raindrops jealously kissed my face. I found his hand held onto mine despite the sweat that dared to slide between us in the 90 degree heat.

I found him when he laid next to me in the autumn leaves and held me against the on-coming chill. I found him when we stared in the flames of a bonfire and reveled in the comfort of the silence between us. I found him when he pulled his hat over his ears and buried his face in my hair to share the precious warmth.

I found him when he kissed my forehead to break the bonds of sleep – only to present a steaming mug of clarity (some call it coffee) as we watched the sunrise over the pier. I found him when we had a splash war in the water, and although he grabbed and threatened to dunk me, I never doubted that I was safe in the arms of my lifeguard.

The days turned to weeks, and the weeks tumbled into months, and the months stumbled into years and I waited to see if he could still be found.The baby face melted away into the chiseled cheekbones of a man. Depending on the day, the contacts would materialize into glasses. The peach fuzz of boyhood toughened into reddish bristles, neatly trimmed to frame the lips that still spoke words as warm as his embrace.

Then one day, I found him again.

I found him on one knee in the summer grass where the leaves had once laid with us in a blanket of color. I found myself blinded with the glint of a diamond while his hands shook in time with the beating of my heart.

And in that moment, I couldn’t find him.

When my eyes recovered, there he was.

A new title, a little older, a little more scared of the unknowns ahead, a little more excited too. And a little more mine.  I found him.

But what I didn’t realize, is that he found me.

If life were made of only moments, you would never know you had one.

I had a moment!

My life has been a series of moments actually. And why?

My best friend has come to visit and we are currently share a bathroom. You know you like someone when they are brushing their teeth in the sink next to you and you can’t help but think they are adorable despite the minty white foam around their mouth that gives them a rabid appearance.

He makes me happy. We treated my little sister out to Ethiopian food for lunch today and it wasn’t incredibly awkward. We went on a double date with my other best friend and her boyfriend. While it was sufficiently awkward (because my best friend and her date are an awkward couple and I’m allowed to say that because they know it as well as I), it wasn’t too bad. Everyone got along. Conversation was steady. I only got last place in bowling once. Today was good.

Today was amazing. There were so many happy moments that I didn’t even realize how amazing the day was until I was contemplating life while watching the cute blonde boy brush his teeth in the sink next to me.

I don’t need fireworks.

I just need a moment.

And for today, amidst the string of moments, the best one was standing next to my best friend watching him brush his teeth.