Evil nearly always comes from ignorance and kind intentions may do as much harm if they lack understanding.

I pride myself on having new experiences. However, today I had one that I didn’t think would ever make it on the list.

I got set up today.

And the worst part? I sort of saw it coming. I had arranged to meet with a friend to edit chapters of my book, something that I do fairly regularly about once every 2-3 weeks. Since I have done this before, there is a precedent of the way we set up. My perpetrator usually sets out his computer and connects to the wifi at the coffee shop.

Today, he said that it would waste time to try and find the connection. Red flag number 1.

Secondly, he will usually plug in his computer if the battery was running slow; when he arrived, I noticed that it was less than 10% charged and I suggested he plug in the cord in the outlet behind him.

He brushed my proposition away like an annoying fly and continued nonchalantly on his dying computer. Red flag number 2.

On previous occasions, I have emailed the chapters to him in advance for him to make correction prior to our meeting. When we get together, he emails the chapters back to me and we discuss his suggested fixes.

He didn’t send me the emails today. Red flag number 3.

Naive enough to notice all of these things and yet take no notice as to the cause, I simply shrugged my shoulders and pulled up the section of the book that we were currently working on. We had only been talking about chapter 5 for about 5 minutes when the door jingled and I happened to glance up. Another friend of mine whom I know from bible study walked in and approached our table.

I was pleasantly surprised but I noticed immediately that my companion seemed to almost expect him. Red flag number 4. I must point out though, that we had briefly entertained the idea of inviting him to join our editing sessions before since all three of us write; however, we had never actually worked it out. Therefore, I figured that my perpetrator had arranged for us to meet.

And he had. I was made a victim of a set up and only when he stranded me with my friend did I realize what was actually going on. After a squinty staredown for a few very awkward seconds, my friend sat down next to me with suspicion in his eyes. Nothing draws two people together like being victimized. Once it had dawned upon us what had happened, we whipped our phones to see how we had been lured in. The perpetrator had texted us both at the same time — using incredibly vague wording — and had arranged for us to come to the coffee shop about 15 apart from each other so we wouldn’t suspect a thing. Conveniently enough, when we both arrived, he scurried out as sneakily as Peter Pettigrew when confronted by Harry Potter.

While I appreciated the kind intentions, I don’t condone the action. Nevertheless, I did stay with my friend at the coffee shop for three hours. We both started blogs (considering what you’re reading, how’s that for subtlety?) and have been reading each others so between that, my book, and the Lord of the Rings marathon that we both recently went to, we had a lot to talk about. And other than the initial five minutes, there weren’t any awkward moments — which seems a miracle considering the circumstances.

However, I would like to add one thing: unless I request customer service in the relationship department, please don’t come to my assistance.