The leaves are all falling and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.

It’s official. I’ve met the parents. This guy drove us up three hours north so that I could meet his mom and dad. On Saturday, it was our anniversary (it was unplanned and we don’t usually count month anniversaries, but when we realized what day it was, we decided to dedicate the date). He took me to the University of Michigan campus — which by the way, happens to be my favorite college football team — and we wandered around enjoying the lovely leaves and the people meandering through them.

matt in leaves

Obviously we also did some meandering 🙂 and it made me very happy.

I would tell you more about our date and how much fun we had, but there’s something much more intimate about stories with happy endings and no more details added. That’s why everyone loves a good fairy tale.


Math is the poetry of logical ideas.

If you have ever asked yourself, “Self, why would I date a math major?” — well, worry no longer! I have your answer!!

It’s because when you need a ruler in order to finish an organic chemistry lab, they will have one. Specifically, they will have one small enough to measure your TLC plate. And it will come in a set. Plus, it will have both a pen AND a pencil for those days when you absolutely must have both; just one or the other won’t do. AND it has a compass.

photo (2)

Obviously that’s why one would date a math major. Oh, and maybe because he makes me very happy 🙂


Cut my pie into four pieces. I don’t think I can eat eight.

Matt mixing

Yes, that is my boyfriend wearing his sweatshirt around his waist “Cedar-point Mom” style while mixing apples and cinnamon for apple pie.

To explain, yesterday was our first “real date”. He didn’t tell me where we were going, but only to wear warm clothes and shoes that I could walk in. Saturday rolls around and he picks me up in his little red car and we go driving. Driving to an orchard in Michigan so we can buy apples. Buy apples and then take them home and make apple pie. Yes, it was that adorable and movie-esque.

pie final result

This is our final result. Not bad for a college kitchen, eh?

And no, that isn’t red lipstick on his cheek. I wouldn’t even think about reapplying red lipstick so I could plant a kiss on his cheek so it would jokingly show up in the picture. It’s a bright red birthmark. Quite a serious condition. He’s quite self-conscious about it. I try not to look at it when I see him.

But he does make me very happy 🙂

The day came when the risk it took to stay in the bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.

Isn’t it funny how you look in a mirror one day and don’t recognize yourself? It hasn’t even been decades or years or months later. Just 3 short weeks. 21 days.

There’s no grey hairs. No wrinkles, although the dark circles under your eyes may be considerably darker from the inevitable effects of a full college schedule. No physical change that you can see, except maybe now your cheeks are pinker than they have been in a long time and your eyes have a twinkle to them that you thought you lost a long time ago.

You look happy again. You didn’t even realize that you weren’t happy until you finally saw yourself in a moment when you were.

And you are. There’s a lightness in your steps as the paths you walk everyday no longer seem as long and you check your pockets to make sure you haven’t dropped anything because there isn’t a weight on you anymore — or at least, you don’t seem to be able to feel it. Your smile is so bright that you wonder if the real reason that autumn is coming is that you are beaming sunshine stolen from summer whenever you flash a cheesy grin. And in those pictures that your friend posted of you guys? There must’ve been weird lighting in there because there’s a glow in your eyes that wasn’t there the last time and it wasn’t a result of an Instagram filter.

It doesn’t take that long to change, only a change of season really — although it feels like forever. It was so gradual that it takes you by surprise. It’s like a baby bird who dreams of flying every single day, who stares at the sky up above and wonders how long it will be until his wings will be strong enough to carry him to touch the clouds, who perches on the edge of the nest as his mama teaches him Flying Basics 101. He goes 1 foot out on the first day and gets progressively farther, all the while wishing that he could try and touch the sun. Then one day, without warning, Mama pushes him out of the nest and as he keeps flapping his wings, he realizes that he’s finally capable of doing what he wanted to do all along. He can touch the sun and he never knew it because he was so focused on the struggles of the farther distances of the daily practice.

Finally realizing that you can soar. Finally comprehending that you can touch the sun and not get burned. Finally noticing that you can do what you thought you couldn’t do before.

Maybe that’s what it’s like to be completely happy.


There’s a fine line between insanity and coping with your daughter dating.

It was my roommate’s first real date with her boyfriend. Needless to say, she was a crazy mix of excitement and nervousness so me and one of our other roommie’s decided to up the ante.

I was Father. Sophie was Mother. Needless to say, I think we played our parts well.

amy's date

As if that picture wasn’t enough, Mason (the boyfriend) played along!

staredown w mason

I think I look quite intimidating. And although it’s weird to say and even stranger to type for the online world to see, I had a lot of fun dressing up like a guy. I was smiling at every other moment except in these pictures. And when I opened the door, of course 😉

More than kisses, letters mingle souls.

My future husband,

I really want to hold your hand. When I took the love language test, I tied with two. One of my top love languages is physical touch and it means a lot just for someone to put their arm around me or wrap me in a hug. Unfortunately, I’m also very picky about who gives me hugs. But you? I’ll always accept a hug from you 🙂

I hope you’re a little taller than me so I can snuggle up against you and nuzzle my head into the side of your neck. I love the smell of cologne too, so I hope you don’t get too freaked out if I breathe a little heavily sometimes. I hope you hold my hand in public and drape your arm over my shoulders when we are walking somewhere. You don’t have to make it so over-the-top that it makes people gag, but I do hope you show me that you care in those subtle ways. I hope you kiss my forehead when I admit that I’m exhausted before you wrap your arms around me. I hope there will be moments when I make you laugh and you kiss my nose because you think I’m cute. I hope you don’t forget to send me those little reminders.

I hope that we can cuddle when I convince you to watch a Disney movie with me and that when we are watching your favorite kind of movie, I hope that you will hold me tighter when I get scared or jump. I will fall asleep on you though. I can promise you that I will fall asleep on you. I can fall asleep almost instantly and when I lay against you, the rhythm of your heart will lull me to sleep. I hope you don’t mind. I don’t think I snore. And I’m such a heavy sleeper that it won’t be a problem if you do 🙂

I was walking today and I just wanted a hand to hold and you popped into my head. Thanks for stopping by in my thoughts 🙂 I’m still praying for you.

All my love,
Your Future Wife

In every letter, in every line, she saw him.

Hello future husband,

I wonder if that’s how we will meet. A simple hello on the sidewalk, a passing glance before one of us opens our mouth to greet each other because there was “something”. I smile at everyone I pass so I’m sure I’ll send one your way. Maybe that’s why you say hi — because you like my smile 🙂 I’ll be sure to give you quite a few of those smiles when I realize you like them.

But maybe I already know you. Maybe I’ve already flashed you one of my endearing smiles and you were too stunned to say anything. There’s a possibility that you’re on this college campus and you’re a friend of mine. I’d guess though that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet. I’d like to though.

I’m waiting eagerly to do so. I won’t come out and chase you though; you have to come to me. I may help you out in the beginning of our friendship, I might just suggest that we have coffee sometime. But you have to be the one to follow up on the idea.

I can peek through my window blinds of my dorm room and see the moon. I wonder if you’re looking at it too. It’s weird to think that you could be within a few miles of me and I don’t even realize it. At the same time, you could be on the other side of the world. Do you believe in soulmates? I don’t. I could happy with several people based on the level of settling I could do. I bet you could too. But I know you will wait for me. You don’t realize it yet but you are waiting for me to cross your path on the sidewalk just as I am. You could be in the building next door and I wouldn’t even know it. The fairytales would make it seem that I would be able to feel your presence if you were close by. Maybe I can. Maybe that tiny little smile that creeps on my lips at night when I feel contented is a result of you thinking of me. Does that little smile ever find you too? When I’m writing these letters, can you feel the thoughts I’m sending your way?

Probably not. You’ll probably think I’m stupid for suggesting such a thing. I’m probably nothing but a hopeless romantic in your eyes. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand where I’m coming from and return my smile with one of your own because that girl on the sidewalk who smiled for just a second, that girl with the happy face and curious eyes, that girl with a million thoughts and 10 fingers to type them all down was thinking about you.

I love you and I’m praying especially hard for you tonight because you are weighing so heavily on my mind.

Your future Wife