If you will regret doing what you want by the morning, sleep in late.

I’m mellow and I’m inspired.

Crap, what a moody post this is going to be.

Tonight, I’m nearing the end of my tutoring shift and I have no other homework to work on.  At least, I’m tired after an hour and half of orgo and I have no appointments and based on the fact that there’s only two people in the Learning Commons right now not including myself, I’m pretty sure I won’t have a walk-in in the next 20 minutes.

I resorted to sifting though blogposts like I’m Anna Wintour and the online pages are spreads for the next Vogue.  (Note that I just compared myself to Anna Wintour.  If that doesn’t describe my attitude perfectly, nothing will.)

Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky (I’ve mentioned her a lot recently, haven’t I?) said she might quit blogging for awhile just because she wants to.  And yes, to clarify, I am holding back metaphorical tears.

Keiko of KeikoLynn said that she’s going to revise her list of resolutions for the year just because she wants to.

When was the last time I did something just because I wanted to?

Technically, it was this afternoon when I finished the lab report that’s not due till Thursday and rewarded myself with an episode of Criminal Minds and a handful of gummy bears.

But let’s be honest, that doesn’t have an life-changing effects for me. When was the last time that I did something cool just because I wanted to?

At this point, the next post has the potential to be just as sullen and melodramatic as this one — or incredibly inspiring and as unexpected as the inch of snow we got today.

There’s always that second fashion blog I’ve been dying to try…

Don’t gobblefunk with words.

Thanks to Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky I have a delightful idea for this new year.

Of course, it’s already 10 days in but I like it.

If I were to pick one word for 2015, it would be: ASPIRE.

I have many aspirations for this year.

I’m already in the swampy middle of applications for REU programs at several Big 10 schools. In addition to that, I want to be able to take Calculus I online so I can continue to take my advanced chemistry and biology classes next semester — somehow it go lost in the shuffle of classes and I never took it. By the end of this year, I want to be able to start preparing for the GRE and the PCAT. Stepping away from the academic arena, I would like to be able to show constant improvement on my PT exercises that I do on my own time. And the cherry on top? I’m in a relationship. There should always be aspirations for that sorta of thing, ya?

I briefly considered “growth” as my word for this year, but I was deterred by the thought that there should always be growth in a year. When picking a word, you are essentially highlighting where you would like to see the growth happen. So for me, I aspire to grow and fulfill my goals for this year.

Like Flynn Rider, I have a dream that I don’t prefer to sing out loud. However, dreams can be reached with goals and goals can be achieved through plans. I have plans and aspirations.

Therefore, look out 2015. I don’t gobblefunk around.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

So, I really like soup and I really like making homemade food. I have this goal (not a resolution per se) of making healthier food choices this year. And yes, just as this post from Elizabeth’s Delightfully Tacky says, I am making this goal more specific.

To clarify, my goal is to eat at least 2 fruits and veggies every day. In college where everything seems to be a carb overload, even a simple goal such as this can be difficult to reach. I started out with just 1 per day, but I realized that I need to challenge myself a little bit more than that.

I might even start pulling fun recipes that I have tried or would like to try at a later date. Maybe I’ll even give them their own category on this little blog of mine!

As for right now however, I will just reblog this from a blog that I dearly love and give her all the credit. Thanks Elizabeth!

Delightfully Tacky.

Follow the link for a recipe to make Butternut Squash Soup.