Pictures only show you who you used to be.

I own a laptop.

What a way to start a sentence on a blog. Of course, I have a laptop.

This laptop has a background on it. Specifically, my background is a slide show of pictures taken over the years. One of the scrolling pictures is my family at a party to celebrate my great grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary (and yes, I realize that this means that the generations in my family are every 20ish years and my window is quickly closing…hate to disappoint everybody, but that’s just not happening…)

Anyway, my roommate was sitting next to me and I had just returned to my desktop screen. Having seen the picture, she asked when it was taken. She didn’t believe me when I said it was 5 years old because apparently I haven’t changed at all.


That picture only shows a quick snapshot, a glimpse of who I used to be. Maybe I still look like that — who am I kidding? Of course I do — but that in no one means that I haven’t changed.

It takes a minute to change temporarily and a second to change forever. Just last night, two of my other roommates had a fight so big that one is moving out of the room and finalizing her transfer papers. I will add that she had been contemplating a college transfer for awhile but she officially got all her information today. How long did that take for two people to go from best friends to distant strangers?

See what I mean?

When my boyfriend asked if I would like to be his girlfriend, my status changed in the one second it took me to say yes. As soon as my college put the stamp on my acceptance letter, I gained the title of undergraduate student. One click and I was approved as a writer tutor. One second is enough to change someone’s identity, or at the very least, add something new!

So yeah, I haven’t changed appearances in five years. But you can bet that if we lined up lists with characteristics of that girl in the photo and the traits that I currently possess, the only thing that would be the same is the first and last name.

Talk about distant strangers.