Friendship is measured in miles and smiles.

Hello, old friend.

And (yet again) we begin the checklist of “catching-up” the way we always have, the way I always do since my friends live so far away. Our reunions are bittersweet: we both have coffee breath and we can’t talk because we are smiling too hard.

I got married a month and a half ago.
We moved into an apartment with laminate wood floors AND a gas range.
I’m working full-time – I even have medical insurance.
I just found out that my poetry chapbook will be published and available for sale.

When the publisher confirms the release date and sends me the PDF to approve, I’ll let you know. It’s like a portable, in-your-hands, new-paper-smelling copy of this little blog. You can take me wherever you want – as if you couldn’t already do that since this blog is mobile friendly.

I suppose then we won’t be long-distance friends anymore if I’m in your pocket…