The leaves are all falling and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.

It’s official. I’ve met the parents. This guy drove us up three hours north so that I could meet his mom and dad. On Saturday, it was our anniversary (it was unplanned and we don’t usually count month anniversaries, but when we realized what day it was, we decided to dedicate the date). He took me to the University of Michigan campus — which by the way, happens to be my favorite college football team — and we wandered around enjoying the lovely leaves and the people meandering through them.

matt in leaves

Obviously we also did some meandering 🙂 and it made me very happy.

I would tell you more about our date and how much fun we had, but there’s something much more intimate about stories with happy endings and no more details added. That’s why everyone loves a good fairy tale.


Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

This proves that at least for a few moments I was able to sneak out of the library or the coffee shop without hiding under my mountain of textbooks. Isn’t fall beautiful here?

pond leaves

SG fall leaves

Fall is my favorite season because all of the colors, the smells (though not pumpkin spice lattes — too sweet for me…think more bonfire and French press coffee), and the chill in your bones. It makes me happy 🙂


Math is the poetry of logical ideas.

If you have ever asked yourself, “Self, why would I date a math major?” — well, worry no longer! I have your answer!!

It’s because when you need a ruler in order to finish an organic chemistry lab, they will have one. Specifically, they will have one small enough to measure your TLC plate. And it will come in a set. Plus, it will have both a pen AND a pencil for those days when you absolutely must have both; just one or the other won’t do. AND it has a compass.

photo (2)

Obviously that’s why one would date a math major. Oh, and maybe because he makes me very happy 🙂


Cut my pie into four pieces. I don’t think I can eat eight.

Matt mixing

Yes, that is my boyfriend wearing his sweatshirt around his waist “Cedar-point Mom” style while mixing apples and cinnamon for apple pie.

To explain, yesterday was our first “real date”. He didn’t tell me where we were going, but only to wear warm clothes and shoes that I could walk in. Saturday rolls around and he picks me up in his little red car and we go driving. Driving to an orchard in Michigan so we can buy apples. Buy apples and then take them home and make apple pie. Yes, it was that adorable and movie-esque.

pie final result

This is our final result. Not bad for a college kitchen, eh?

And no, that isn’t red lipstick on his cheek. I wouldn’t even think about reapplying red lipstick so I could plant a kiss on his cheek so it would jokingly show up in the picture. It’s a bright red birthmark. Quite a serious condition. He’s quite self-conscious about it. I try not to look at it when I see him.

But he does make me very happy 🙂